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Sep 1, 2020
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Hey guys,

My 19" Ram Limited is hitting that 3 year mark here in August. Currently it only has 35,000km or 21,000 miles. Just curious who has added warranty and didn't need it or if there is anyone out there has had so many dealer trips that it has already paid off the warranty? And the reasons for the trips? I'm really on the fence because here in Canada to add another 3 years is around 3-4k for the full coverage max mopar warranty plan.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 23, 2020
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The way I look at it they wouldn't push them as hard as they do if they didn't make huge profits off of them. For that reason I'm going to not get one & take my chances. I usually trade in my trucks every 5 or 6 years. I figure if I make it 3 yrs without any problems, I should be able to make it 2 or 3 more.


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Jan 2, 2021
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Lebanon, NH
Warranties like Insurance are a risk assessment. Everyone has different levels of risk they’ll take on. I usually read forums and see what people have issues with in that particular generation of car or truck then I call up a dealership and ask them to price out a few repairs for me and if it adds up to higher than the price of a warranty, I sit on it for a bit and decide if I want to take the risk.

Looking at a Limited Trim in the northeast,
-Air Ride failures
-Throttle issues (with diesel)
-Heads up display, digital rear view mirror and huge 12” screen
-wireless charger
-Safety features
-complex latching system on the multifunction tailgate
-LED Headlights and some failures with those

I won’t have an issue with everything listed here but every one of those things is A $1000 repair. LED headlights are $1800, Air Ride could be $2500. If I keep the car for 8 years, i only have to have 2 warranty claims in this list to hit my out of pocket cost on the warranty.

Finally, warranties are transferable if you buy the Mopar one so I can sell the car used with 100K miles on it to the next person who will have 12 months / 25K miles left on the warranty. It’ll help me charge more for the truck and it should sell faster.

...totally a personal decision thougH. You may never have anything fail. If you get a diesel, it’s 5 years/100K mile warranty on the power train.

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