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2019 Rebel Suspension ISSUES. can barely handle the city streets these days


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Dec 4, 2020
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First Post Here been reading through the forums for years now, they have helped me out everytime and I am very thankful for this community! I need to write all this down so I an articulate it easier. I have owned my truck for 2 years 9 moths and as much as I love the truck its been problem after problem. I don't wan't to get into all the issues but lately my truck has been extreemly difficult to handle, from feeling every little bump in the road to constantly being pulled right, even worse going down hill. When I trun left I hear a popping/stretching noise behind the driver seat like somethings contoring. I pointed out the issue over a year ago, during every oil change and peace of mind inspection and still the problem has not been solved. The dealership had serveral technicians drive my truck including the manager all of them saying there is nothing wrong, it feels great and they had gone over everything in the front end, couldn't see a problem. I highly dissagree and its funny how they keep offering money to buy my truck. I just wan't it fixed. They heard the noise and said once the back window is replaced (due to the water leak for the past 2 years..) the noise would go away. It didn't they were quick to blame my running boards that have never made a noise, that are tight to the truck I personally have tried to make a noise with them at no success) as far as my concern with the shock absorbers, struts etc they all checked out to be ok. Shortly after that visit I started hearing a clunking noise when driving through parking lots, uneven roads. A new noise obviously from something getting worse. Truck was in the shop on Monday I mentioned to them about my sway bar links being replaced in the past, I showed the manager the damaged housing on my coil which has to be caused from something. I took the manager on a test drive, without even getting out of the parking lot she heard the noise and said they would fix it.

6 hours later I get a call saying my trucks ready, they replaced my swaybar links and the have ordered a new coil for my passenger side. So here I am finally excited that my tuck will stop making all these clunking noises while driving slow and absorb the road like it use to. NOPE could instantly hear the clunking noise through the parking lot, truck sways all over the road. Rolls to the side more then usual when turning, nose diving while braking and also having a slight jerking motion in the last few feet before fully stopped. Every bump is amplified to the point where a Honda civic feels like a luxury ride compared to the Rebel. I can turn the wheel side to side starting a wobble on the truck and hear clunking in the front as I turn the wheel causing it to happen.

Initially I wanted my struts and shock absorbers to be looked at from this residue I could see on them but never noticed it in the past. Their claim was it is an underspray coating which upon further inspecion I could see the same residue on the ground where I park my truck daily, Further more what appear to be oil spots on the ground close to wheels.
44000km on the truck, Im not sure what all needs to be serviced on the truck during its life span but they recommend I have the rear brakes serviced along with the fuel system. How ever Last year the Technician there recommended I have the brakes serviced to stop some weird noise I had going on at the time. Tired of the noise a year ago I paid for the service and now they want me to pay for antoher brake service? as for the fuel system that might be a good idea but Im a Carpenter by trade with very minimal Mechanical knowledge and I suppose it is more important to change my Diff fluid at this point than a fuel system. However I'm not sure on what else I should have serviced with 44000km on the odometer. I will get my owners manuel out tomorrow after work and take a little read while I wait for the dealership to get my new Coil LMFAO.

I will update as soon as I learn more, Comment away if you've had some really back suspension, everybump is amplified and an be felt through the entire truck, weird nocking noise in the front end on washboard roads / parking lots


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Feb 6, 2020
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Ontario Canada
Usually the clunking in the front is associated with the sway bar end links but you said the dealer replaced them . Without hearing the noise it's difficult to diagnose the problem .
The pulling is usually an alignment problem but they should have checked that first .
Have you tried another dealer or an independent shop to see what they say ?


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Jun 29, 2022
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If it wobbles when you turn the steering wheel it could be something loose on your front suspension. Oil residue could be your shock's blown. Can you confirm if it's oil or grease?

but ultimately, what @Fatherof3 said. bring to another dealer or shop and have them check it out.

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