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  1. A

    Can Trailer TPMS be added

    I have a 2023 Ram 2500. It did not come with the trailer TPMS system and I want to know if anyone has been successful in adding it? According to the dealer, I have the wiring, and it was able to be added. They turned the feature on in the truck (supposedly) and installed the Trailer TPMS...
  2. EveryoneIsAnotherYou

    Can Tow Mode Canera and 360° Surround Trailer Camera options be combined?

    My 2022 RAM 1500 Limited came with the new 360° surround camera system for towing plus the kit of four camera (but no 5th Tow Mode camera). I understand through various forum postings that the Surround Camera system cuts your camera view above 8mph and it also doesn’t show you the rear view in...
  3. EveryoneIsAnotherYou

    TPMS for travel trailer spare tire?

    I have a 2022 RAM 1500 Limited that came with the 360° camera kit and four TPMS sensors for a dual axle trailer. Does anyone know if it’s possible to acquire a 5th trailer TMPS so the trailer’s spare tire can also be monitored? (I’m not readily able to tell if the truck’s trailer TPMS supports...
  4. MeanMrMustard

    Enclosed trailer wheel lug locks. Has anyone...

    I recently purchased a 7x14 cargo trailer for a mobile wood shop of sorts. And being as I realized it was a high risk for being stolen After I got it home 🤦‍♂️, I've been spending way more only than I had intended making it thief resistant. When I got to putting on the wheel locking lug nuts...
  5. 0051 MAR

    Trickle charging. Has anyone else tried this...?

    I have a take home work vehicle, so I don't get to drive my truck as often as I'd like to. I leave the dash came running since the truck stays outside. I was noticing that the camera shut off (power saving mode) after only 2 days or so. I used to trickle charge my Charger and that worked out...
  6. 187penguin

    Towing 35’ Travel Trailer with 3.6L 1500

    Towed this setup about 200 miles. Left it in “tow” mode and set cruise control to where it comfortably held about 2200 rpms and didn’t need to search for gears going over every little hump, which was about 65mph. The auto sway control is super cool. There was a very stiff crosswind for some of...
  7. AMS Guru

    MY21+ 1500 Tow Mirrors

    Does anyone out there know and/or have pictures of the 21 or newer trailer tow mirrors on the spotter/wide view mirror whether or not it has power adjustment like they do on the heavy duties? If anyone has a picture of the controls on the arm rest please attach. Thank you!
  8. _poke

    Trailer steering calibration

    I have the towing package on my 21 Laramie and calibrated my boat trailer with the truck for the trailer steering. The next time I hooked it up, it had me re-calibrate. Do I have to re-calibrate every use, or did I not do something correct?
  9. D

    Suspension Enhancement to Air Suspension

    2019 Limited 6-4", 5.7 e-Tq, 3.92 e-Locker, 4WD, KO2s at 49-55lbs. Can one effectively upgrade the factory air suspension? Add a Hellwig, or further support the truck for heavier towing (don't want a full discussion going on towing weights, payload, capacities please, been there, done that)...
  10. thabiiighomie

    2019 Ram 1500 with Trailer Tow Group - Question regarding my new boat/trailer

    Boat is in order. 20’ 4000 lbs. It has a tandem trailer. Trailer has disc breaks. Truck has the trailer tow package, but my understanding is that it is only relevant to electric breaks? Called the RAM dealer, they literally said sorry google it or the boat dealer should know since they are...
  11. RockYacht2020

    Road trip! Barfoot/Rustler Park in the Chiracauas above Portal, Arizona

    Just got back from spending a week up in the Chiracaua Mountains, specifically at Barfoot Park (dispersed camping) near the Rustler Park Campground (vault toilets and ramadas with tables for $20/night...not worth it IMO). It was BEAUTIFUL up there at around 8300 ft. The drive from Tucson takes...