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tonneau cover

  1. Realtruck

    Special Black Friday Pricing

    Waiting for killer Black Friday deals? Look no further! I am excited to announce our Black Friday/Cyber Monday forum exclusive sale is live. Only available to forum members, these will be the lowest prices of the year! Yes, even lower than the site wide sales for Black Friday! There will be...
  2. T

    Best Place To Buy A Tonneau Cover?

    I'm looking for recommendations on where to find a good tonneau cover for my '19 1500? I tried the Open Box offer from AmericanTrucks.com for a BAKFlip MX4 in "Like New - Perfect Condition" that definitely was not (pics below). Currently awaiting FedEx pickup for return and refund from them...
  3. Jakmc25

    Rambox rails

    I purchased a used 2019 Ram 1500 with Rambox after starting to look for tonneau covers I noticed a lot use the cargo rail in the bed. Unfortunately the previous owner removed those rails from this truck and I didn’t catch it before purchase. I’m having some trouble finding the correct rails can...
  4. peeceejay

    BakFlip MX4 install with Rambox

    2020 Laramie with the Rambox and bed package, including the chrome rails and movable tie downs - I wanted a hard, tri-fold cover and ended up with the MX4 from Bakflip. I ordered it direct, and it arrived within a week, after a slight Fedex delay. Install was simple - although the instructions...
  5. B

    In the Market for a tonneau cover. Need advice.

    Hello all, I recently bought a 2020 1500 Laramie sport. I want to add a tonneau cover. I’m kind of leaning towards a tri fold. What do you guys recommend? Should I go OEM? Should I stay away from the cheap ones on Amazon? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. G

    Undercover Tonneau Cover Review

    Install was easy, just watch some YouTube videos. I recommend making sure it's unlocked before installing though. The locking bar needs to be 1/8 of an inch below the strike plates. I found this to be about the height of two quarters stacked on top of each other. When measuring the distance from...
  7. Ras11

    Using Bed Extender with Retractable Tonneau

    Hi all. I just purchased my 2019 Ram Limited with the 5'7" bed, and I ordered up an Amp Research bed extender (https://www.amp-research.com/amp-research-74840-01a-bedxtender-hd-max). I am also interested in a retractable tonneau, and have been eyeing up the Retrax Pro MX. I called Retrax to ask...
  8. FlyNavy

    SOLD!!!! BAKFLip MX4