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  1. FloTx

    Borla Atak Highway Driving Sound

    I am thinking about installing either the Borla Atak or s-type on my truck and was wondering how loud it was at highway speeds. However, I often drive at 85-90 mph and not around 70. Does anybody know how loud either system is at 90 mph cruising or have a clip of how loud?
  2. Tesla

    Truck started sounding a bit louder over the last few days. Does this sound normal? (video)

    Audio of the sound Over the last few days my Ram has been sounding louder than usual, even while sitting at a light. You can somewhat hear it in the video.
  3. J

    Harmon Kardon 19 speaker system sound quality

    The most disappointing aspect of my 2022 Ram Limited is the Harmon Kardon sound system. I honestly got better sound in my 1976 Oldsmobile stock radio system. Seriously. Front loaded, no separation, cannot get sound spread around truck, even songs where the drums should travel around the...
  4. Xswizy

    Ram 2500 line output converter issues

    I recently installed a subwoofer under the rear seat of my 2021 ram 2500 big horn and decided to use a LOC to tap into the b pillar for my sound. I used left and right + and - to tap onto the B pillar on the passenger side for right and left RCA. Everything works, but there’s one issue. I can...
  5. Hb1500

    Engine sound click 2020 1500 Hemi

    Hi, took my car to the dealer twice and they couldn’t identify the issue .. any guidance would be appreciated. Check the video below YouTube Video
  6. J

    No sound from speakers???

    So, I started my beautiful truck this morning like I always do, connect my phone to listen to a podcast on my morning drive to work and I’m met with silence...turned the volume all the way up. Still silence. I turned off Bluetooth, turned the radio on. Silence. Made a phone call, silence...
  7. Robert_warren_27

    8.4 Uconnect swap

    Hey guys I am new to the forms I currently own and the 2019 ram 1500 bighorn with the 5.7 E Torque system I also have the 8.4" uconnect stereo However at the time of purchasing my vehicle I wanted the 12" screen which was currently unavailable Because of the large Demand for these...
  8. ryco25

    Rebel Suspension Rattling Sound

    Esteemed fellow Rebel drivers, My truck has just developed a significant rattle sound from the front end when going over bumps. Sounds like its coming from the driver's front. Upon what brief visual inspection I can do without a lift, I can't see anything wrong, but I am also no expert. I'm...
  9. S

    Limited insulation

    I was planning to insulate the cab of my 2019 RAM Limited. Would like to add a first layer of sound deadener, a second layer isolator and a third layer of sound absorber of silent coat. But I don't know if I should go for a full three layer insulation. Does someone know if the Limited has...
  10. ryco25

    No sound at all on 8.4 system?

    New problem this morning - when I got in my truck for the second time today, I found out I had no audio coming out of my speakers. No radio/XM/bluetooth/aux/phone call or even touch screen beeps. I cycled the power on the unit several times, cycled the truck through on/off/accessory/run...