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  1. kofestakan

    Radio wiring color codes

    Just want to share headunit wiring color codes.
  2. F

    Radio Swap troubles and tips!

    I know this isn't the best spot to post, but I feel it's the section on the forum that gets the most traffic so I'm hoping the mods will let it stay here. I'm hoping it gets some valuable info to any of you out there who may be looking to swap your 5" radio to the 8.4" radio. We started the...
  3. R

    Static Noise throughout all Speakers/Radio

    Today, while driving I was trying to scroll fast though a list of folders on a USB media source and everything now that comes through the speaker system is static sounding and garbled. This is for everything, all sources, that play through them. Now, I did have this issue years ago on the same...
  4. THFD334


    And laugh at me if you will.. while using ALFAOBD, I changed something to only have my rear speaker at full blast and ZERO volume control. No front speakers and no volume control. Any Information will be extremely, greatly appreciated! I sincerely apologize for starting a new thread, I’m just in...
  5. T

    Uconnect not automatically playing from bluetooth, changing audio source

    This issue just began in the past week, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers. In every other bluetooth enabled vehicle I've ever been inside of, when you turn it on it just goes back to your bluetooth or whatever was on last as your source. My truck has recently began turning to FM or XM radio...
  6. BEANO52

    UConnect - contacts disappearing from radio

    2020 Ram - 8.4" UConnect - Samsung / Android Auto I will "save" a contact after a phone call in the top tabs of the UConnect screen. The contact will be saved for awhile, maybe a day, maybe a few days. At some point all the contacts will just erase and the "HOLD to save" will be back up. Any...
  7. A

    Replacing faulty radio on 2019 Ram 1500

    Just wanted to share my recent experience of the radio going out in my 19 Ram. Went to start the truck one morning and everything came on but the radio, messed around pressing some buttons and tried to do a reset and nothing worked. Took it to my local dodge dealership where I had to pay the...
  8. C

    2020 Radio Switching Am,Fm,Sat every couple seconds

    Cannot listen to anything it automatically changes modes. The mute,screen off buttons are not working either.Dealer replaced radio unit and its doing same now they are waiting on something else to try! Anybody have an idea what could be wrong instead of poking and hoping!
  9. P

    Radio help

    Need some help. I was pulling out my UAA 5” radio and accidentally broke the connector inside the blue clip on the back of the radio. I need to get a new connector. Tried the Ram dealer but they were no help. A picture of the connector is attached. Appreciate any help.
  10. Marios1120

    Sirius resetting on start

    Hi, I have the Uconnect 12 inch in my 2020 Laramie. Just happen yesterday, when I turn on the truck all my Sirius presets were gone as well as my favorites. I tried to add a listener but my name does not show up. In pic 1 this is what it use to look like, now is pic 2, screens changed. Contacted...
  11. A

    5 inch to 12.1 inch radio

    Just wondering if anybody has all the part numbers necessary to make this conversion as well as any information I may need to do so I’ve read through a lot of threads but haven’t seen it just laid out in a simple form. My truck is a 2028 Dodge ram 5500 diesel rollback.
  12. C

    6 speaker OEM to Alpine OEM

    Hi guys, I have been lurking for a bit, finally signed up as this is my first truck. One thing I miss about my Cherokee was the premium sound system that came with a sub. My question is, I have the 6 speaker base, 8.4 inch non navy system currently in my 2020 ram crew cab, v6. Is it possible to...
  13. R

    Distortion/Static through all speakers

    Earlier today for the first time after 37k miles out of nowhere my speakers started to put out a high pitch distortion sound when anything played though the speakers. This would happen with computer speaking commands, Bluetooth, AM, FM, Sirius XM, and USB media. Note that turning the volume to...
  14. M

    Bezel for single zone hvac radio 8.4

    Hey guys! I have searched all the threads about conversion from 5 inch to 8.4 inch. I was able to buy on this forum a 8.4 radio that has the dual zone bezel. My original radio has a single zone 5 inch. After searching I found the confirmation that a single zone bezel works well for the...
  15. J

    No sound from speakers???

    So, I started my beautiful truck this morning like I always do, connect my phone to listen to a podcast on my morning drive to work and I’m met with silence...turned the volume all the way up. Still silence. I turned off Bluetooth, turned the radio on. Silence. Made a phone call, silence...
  16. Robert_warren_27

    8.4 Uconnect swap

    Hey guys I am new to the forms I currently own and the 2019 ram 1500 bighorn with the 5.7 E Torque system I also have the 8.4" uconnect stereo However at the time of purchasing my vehicle I wanted the 12" screen which was currently unavailable Because of the large Demand for these...
  17. Pep_594

    Aftermarket Subwoofer and Amplifier

    Has anyone installed a aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier in the 2019 Ram 1500 with the Harman Kardon audio system? I am planning to install two 12’s, amp, and a line output converter. Just curious if anyone has done this yet so I will know what problems to look out for. I already have looked...
  18. A

    Why does radio power button turn off display?

    I don't understand the point of the radio power button on my 12" UC. In our BMW, the radio power button is basically a mute button (or play/pause button when CarPlay is connected). In UConnect, it seems to both mute/pause the audio as well as turn the entire screen off. This makes no sense...
  19. R

    Getting Through Firewall Of 2019 Ram 1500 - How do you run a power wire from the battery through the firewall and into the cab of a 2019 Ram 1500?

    Hello, I have a general question about getting through the firewall of a 2019 Ram 1500 Longhorn, Hemi, NO E-torque. I have a HAM radio (as in a 2-way radio, CB, etc) that I want to wire directly to the battery. The radio needs 20 amps (it would work with 15 amps but I was told I should go...
  20. 1

    5th Gen 12" Uconnect Issues

    When listening to XM radio the volume is significantly lower than other inputs. Even maxed out it just isn't as loud. I thought about making a STAR case but figured I would do a little research first. Mine is the first Longhorn that has landed at our store and one of our customers has a Limited...