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  1. redriderbob

    RAM Brazil Break Sales Records In Five Hours With Launch Of Ram 3500!

    RAM Brazil Break Sales Records In Five Hours With Launch Of Ram 3500! Trio Of Ram 3500 Models, Shows Luxury 1-Ton Pickups Can Find Success In Brazil... After RAM opened its ordering bank for the Ram 3500 in Brazil last Thursday, March 24th, at 6:00 p.m., it broke all of the brand’s opening...
  2. GoTide

    Ram 1500 Laramie GT and Limited

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum. First post. I've searched for the GT but do not see any posts out there, so pardon me if I missed it. I'm at the ready to order phase. (from MD. who else!) I've narrowed it down to the Ram 1500 Laramie GT Night Edition with the Level 2 Package and Advanced Safety...
  3. C

    Ram 1500 brakes

    Hey I have a 2020 ram 1500 and was going down the highway at 70mph and had to slam on the brakes due to a guy that lost his transmission going over a bridge and had traffic come to a halt are my brakes ok? It did not skid or anything
  4. C

    Borla s type vs arak for drone?

    Hi I’m about to purchase a borla exhaust s type or atak they both sound great but I would like the one with less drone I’ve heard the atak has more drone than the s type is that correct?
  5. Domt1775

    Air Suspension Level - ReadyLift 1.5inch

    Looking for anyone who has installed the ready lift 1.5inch air suspension level, would love to see pics of your setups and experiences! Very surprised that I have only seen one other thread on here that mentions these leveling kits for the air ride. It is sold out online so I know there's...
  6. B

    Who REALLY manufactured the factory OEM 2019 "CS7" Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for the 5th Gen Limited 5'7" with RAMBOX

    I'm looking to add a no-drill BACKRACK and retain my Tonneau cover but I need to know the no kidding actual manufacturer (IE: NOT OEM or MOPAR or RAM or FCA or STELLANTIS) of the factory supplied OEM/MOPAR 2019 "CS7" Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for the 5th Gen 1500 Limited 5'7" bed with RAMBOX...
  7. C

    E brake ram 2020 sport ?

    I have a 2020 ram 1500 and I went to move my truck and forgot the e brake was on I gave some gas and it did not move then I realized it was on did this cause any damage
  8. Tesla

    2022 Laramie G/T or Limited Night Edition (Which build would you go with?)

    I currently have a 19 Laramie thats loaded with a lot of options similar to the two 2022 builds I did, other than the 33-gal tank, air suspension, and ram box. I'm thinking about upgrading and getting either the Laramie G/T or Limited. I really like the front end of the Limited and the way the...
  9. Biggio

    New Member - Soon to be new Ram Owner

    Hi All, I ordered my 2022 Limited Night Edition on August 13th and joined this site as a way to track my order thanks to some of your impressive knowledge! Also interested in reading what current owners and new owners think of their 2022s and to keep an eye out for any tips and tricks. I've...
  10. TexasCoast361

    Ram 2020 luxury wheels and tires for sale

    Fairly new Goodyear Eagle Touring tires, 4 of them (285/45R22) low mileage/ great tread. The wheels are 2020 Ram luxury wheels (22x10). If you’re interested send me a message.
  11. redriderbob

    RAM Trucks Australia Has Launched The Ram 1500 DT Trucks In Oz!

    RAM Trucks Australia Has Launched The Ram 1500 DT Trucks In Oz! Available In Laramie and Limited Configurations... RAM Trucks Australia recently announced that the 2021 Ram 1500 (DT) trucks have officially started coming off the production line at the Melbourne Manufacturing Facility. Coming...
  12. LIMITED Conversation

    2019 Ram 1500 Limited 4x2 air ride lifted

    Good afternoon, My limited with air ride folks, I will say that I was sad to hear that there aren't many options to lift your vehicle, but I did find that BDS makes a lift kit that should fit the 4x4 air ride. What I didn't know was could that lift kit for the 4x4 air ride suspension fit on...
  13. redriderbob

    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500:

    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500: Ram Will Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of Its Luxury Pickup With Even More Style... With the 2022 model year almost upon us, the Ram Truck brand is getting to celebrate another 10th Anniversary for its premium Limited trim level...
  14. Mopar_Gummy

    2020 1500 Limited Air Ride BDS 4" Lift

    What's up everyone. I figured I'd make this post since there are only 2 current kits on the market for the DT Air ride equipped Rams. After hours of searching, there was little to no information on the efficacy of either Rough Country or BDS' kit. Background: I have been tuning (27) cars for...
  15. C

    Aftermarket 20” wheels with Michelin highway tires?

    My older Ram had Michelin 20” tires. It rode extremely well, great all weather traction and were super quiet on the highway. My new truck has the Goodyear 22” tires, so I am looking for black 20” aftermarket wheels. Anyone have a aftermarket wheels with highway style tires? All I see on the...
  16. C

    Black step bars that are the same as 82215300AB?

    Looking to replace the power step bars on my 2021 Limited. The factory step bars are really low and feel like I have to slide out of my seat to reach them. Yes I am short..lol. My 2015 Ram Laramie had the factory Mopar stainless step bars. They were much closer to the bottom of the door...
  17. LHarv

    Warranty or not to Warranty?

    Hey guys, My 19" Ram Limited is hitting that 3 year mark here in August. Currently it only has 35,000km or 21,000 miles. Just curious who has added warranty and didn't need it or if there is anyone out there has had so many dealer trips that it has already paid off the warranty? And the reasons...
  18. Mopar_Gummy

    2020 Limited DT Black Grille Replacement

    Hello, Thanks for viewing the post. I am looking for a black grille for the 2020 Limited DT body style. Please let me know if you all have any suggestions. I am not looking for the grille insert found on ebay. Additionally, some vendors have on their sites grilles that fit "all except rebel"...
  19. L

    Sold!!! - Set of 4 - 22” Limited Wheels/Tires

    I’m selling my factory take off 22” Wheels and Tires. I’m asking 900.00 for the set. I can drive a couple of hundred miles to meet someone if I need to. I can also ship them via Greyhound Bus. They are pretty reasonable for rates. PayPal is excepted, and I’ll cover the PayPal fees. If you want...
  20. T

    Who installed your Limited Level Links & Daystar spacers??

    Went to the local 4x4 shop and they are very hesitant to touch the air suspension which makes sense. The sales rep told me to get with service but they had the same hesitations. Obviously some have installed themselves, but that's not in my wheelhouse.