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  1. U

    Brand New 2024 Ram Limited Night Edition with Rust

    Hi I am a new Ram owner and just purchased my first ever New truck, and so far I love this thing but I just come to realize that has already build some rust around the engine block. Is this normal for a new truck? Appreciate your input.
  2. Bsteiner36

    2025 Ram 1500 Order Updates

    I am curious if anyone has heard anything about their 2025 Ram 1500 Orders. I ordered my Limited back in January 11th and got confirmation of my order but no VIN or any other info. I am curious if anyone else has either received a VIN or got any updates on their order. It seems really quiet...
  3. RobertGarcia0610

    Ram 1500 limited 2019

    I got a ram limited 2019 with 37s leveling kit and I pull the fuse out on the air suspension I’m currently riding at 43 inches at the front of my vehicle if I get the rough country lift kit will I then be at 48 I’m measuring like this photo not my photo btw got it off YouTube
  4. Bsteiner36

    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    I see my dealer had some killer deals on the 2024 Limited model and I was looking to upgrade. I see the new 2025 will have the I6 hurricane and I was curious if anyone knows anything about this new engine. I see that they have it in the new Grand Waggoner. Has anyone heard anything about it. Is...
  5. F

    Dodge limited tire/wheel on Dodge Rebel

    Hello everyone, I have a 2021 Dodge Rebel. Has anyone put the LIMITED tire 22" on a Dodge Rebel? Pics Please! Besides, I don't know much about it, but would you recommend doing it? Are there any disadvantages? Thanks !
  6. L

    Ram limited AGS code U11E9

    My truck has the code U11E9 for the ags system but since it is the limited package and has air bags I have no Air ram system to unplug to solve this issue. My mechanic came to the conclusion it was a bad system so he replaced the whole thing along with the wiring harness for the AGS system and...
  7. agill13

    No ambient lighting upper glove box

    Hi i bought a brand new 2022 ram 1500 limited a couple months back and it’s fully loaded with every option but i just noticed when i turn the ambient lighting dial up, the foot wells light up also the doors but the the upper glove box there’s no light. But i do i have lighting right above the...
  8. L50

    2019 ram recalibrate

    Has anyone had trouble recalibrating front camera on windshield on their 2019 ram Limited?? I installed new windshield and dealer is telling me they can’t get it to recalibrate because I put “2” inch level kit and bigger tires and that the only way to calibrate it is to put everything back to...
  9. J

    Ram 1500 limited heads up display retrofit OEM

    Hi all My ram came as a RHD conversion which means they have made a new dash in front of the steering wheel and there is a plastic cover over the hud is Was wondering if there was a tutorial on what I need to do and what parts I need to get to make it work
  10. J

    2023 1500 Limited + Tow Group = deletions?

    I had read some posts that early on in 2019 if one ordered the limited and optioned for trailer tow group package there was a loss of surround view camera. Is this still the case and are there are deletions? Does the package add tow mirrors? I ask as I don’t see this in the description when...
  11. C

    Does the radio really need to be replaced ?

    Hi apparently the radio in my truck needs to be replaced as my heated seats don’t work on the medium setting only high and low work dealership says it’s the radio? I don’t see why the radio would need replaced it should be a sensor or something what a headache truck only has 10,000 miles on it
  12. C

    My heated seats only have high or low

    Heated seat problem they have low med high And it’s not going to medium ?
  13. C

    Heated seats problem ??

    Heated seats have low med high on the 12in u connect I select medium and it only goes to low or high anyone else have this problem and know how to fix this ?? Thanks
  14. U

    Potential First Time Ram Owner Debating on Trim Levels

    I've owned trucks for about 25 years including half tons Ford, GM, Toyota, and Nissan. I've also owned a mid-sided Frontier. I've never owned a Mopar product. Recently decided to look into getting a used 5th gen as I've heard so much about the nice ride and just want to try out the only major...
  15. C

    Sunroof leaking??

    Hi my 2020 ram sport has been nothing but headaches I had it checked for leaks and said there was nothing found but my sunroof has water on the inside very disappointing everyone else have this issue?
  16. redriderbob

    Ram 1500 Named Official “Truck of Texas” At Texas Truck Rodeo!

    Ram 1500 Named Official “Truck of Texas” At Texas Truck Rodeo! Ram's Half-Ton Offering Takes Home Five Different Awards... The Texas Automotive Writers Association (TAWA) has announced the 2022 Ram 1500 has taken top honors at its annual Texas Truck Rodeo. Each fall, dozens of TAWA...
  17. B

    Air Suspension for off-roading?

    I am selling my company and buying myself a new truck as a present. The 2023 Limited can be configured with both the off-road while having the standard equipment air suspension and the air suspension cannot be replaced in favor of the standard coils. I don't plan on doing any hardcore wheeling...
  18. C

    Ram 1500 governed ?

    How to get rid of the speed limited feature I was at the track doing some speed runs And it wouldn’t go over 105mph how to get rid of it ?
  19. redriderbob

    Ram Officially Announces Its Limited Elite Edition Package For The 2023 Ram 1500!

    Ram Officially Announces Its Limited Elite Edition Package For The 2023 Ram 1500! Extension Of Last Year's Limited 10th Anniversary Edition... Just the other day, we broke down all of the new details surrounding the 2023 Ram 1500 (DT) lineup. Among those details was the announcement of the...
  20. C

    everyone hate there 3:21 gears?

    so everyone hates the 3:21? I don’t find it that bad as I don’t tow super heavy And it seems more responsive and powerful than my 17 limited that had the 3:92 🤷‍♂️ I tow my horse trailer with the 3:21 And on steep hills without a problem Anyone else getting the job done with the 3:21 gears?