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  1. Z


    I have a 2020 Ram 1500 night edition. I just added a 4" BDS lift kit to it. I put the kit on myself and it took a good bit of time so I'm excited to have the look completed. I have done tons of reading on offsets but evidently still got it wrong. I bought Fuel Blitz 20 x 9 1mm offset with...
  2. A

    ReadyLift- 35’s- Noise coming from rear

    So, I should’ve listened and passed on a ReadyLift… but now I am trying to solve a problem so I don’t have to go a different route. Put a 3.5” Readylift on 2022 Ram Longhorn 4x4. Ridge Grappler 35x20x12.5. Frontend was grinding and coil springs were rubbing. Come to find out, Readylift thought...
  3. boogielander

    Fox 2.5 DSC Suspension - A Brief Overview, Procedure, and Review of Proper Suspension Setup

    There are plenty of suspension offerings on the market for the 5th gen Ram 1500 platform, ranging from cheap to expensive. In this thread, I will be detailing why I chose Fox 2.5 for my build, procedures of installing and dialing in the ride, and a review of the build as everything came...
  4. redriderbob

    RMT Overland’s Ram 2500 RMT Off-Road Offers 5-Inches Of Lift!

    RMT Overland’s Ram 2500 RMT Off-Road Offers 5-Inches Of Lift! Upgraded Suspension Upgraded Suspension, 37-Inch Tires, & A 36,000-Mile Warranty... Originally founded as Rocky Mountain Truckworks in 1978, RMT Overland made a name for itself by building customized trucks and conversion vans in...
  5. Clyde

    Mopar Lift W/ ORP Springs... Dreaded ESC Problems

    Installed a mopar lift with ORP springs, and a hellwig sway bar 2 years - 15k miles ago (truck only had 700 miles on it at time of install), all was good until recently. The ESC engages (& light comes on) when going around corners over 35 mph and on a slight decline. What makes my scenario...
  6. djevox

    Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 1 Install

    I decided on using Eibach's Pro-Truck Stage 1 over the Stage 2 (with threaded coilovers) because the head tech rep at Eibach claimed the Stage 2 is rougher on the road. I ordered directly from Eibach, and got the kit in about a week. If anyone is doing this install on a 4x4, the correct part...
  7. redriderbob

    Meet The MILITEM Magnum – The Premium Italian Take On The Ram 1500:

    Meet The MILITEM Magnum – The Premium Italian Take On The Ram 1500: Italian Touches Grace This Ram 1500 Laramie Night Edition... Over the past three years, we have seen a number of aftermarket companies try to put their own spin on the fifth-generation Ram 1500. Everything from modest lifted...
  8. Jasond78

    6" readylift on 2020 Bighorn ecodiesel w/ Rough Country Adj Coilovers - and yes you can lift them

    If you've got a 5th gen ecodiesel and have wanted to install a full lift kit, then you've probably noticed that all of the reputable manufacturers state"not for diesel or ecodiesel" somewhere in the bottom of the fine print. Before i bought my lift, I even contacted some companies and asked...
  9. Captainberz

    Zone Off-Road Adventure Series 2” Level Lift Kit

    Recently installed Zone’s Adventure Series Level Kit. I went with it because it replaces the weak factory upper control arms and puts the ball joints at proper angle. Plus it’s NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) certified and Made in the USA. Went in easy with great...
  10. Dave_Drums

    Installed Rough Country 5” for Air

    Had my 2020 Limited EcoDiesel lifted 5” with the Rough Country lift for Air suspension a few weeks ago. Paired it with the stock 22” from the black appearance package and 35x12.50x22 Milestar Patagonia MT tires. Must say I love it. Rides like stock, slightly tougher due to more aggressive tires...
  11. E

    37s on ram rebel

    Haven’t seen much for people with 37s on the new rams so here’s mine. Started with a level and 33X12.5s.. hated the look so I went 6 inch bds lift with 35s. Got full length king coil overs for the front. But still didn’t look right. I think I read somewhere that they increased the waist line on...
  12. Dontfront82

    Official Flame Red Thread

    This is a thread for the members who own a FLAME RED 5TH GEN RAMS 1500:cool: I will kick it off with mine(y) Hello From TEXAS! POST AWAY. ASK AWAY 2019 Ram 1500 Laramine Sport 4x4 - Hemi 5.7 - 3.5 Rough Country Lift - Tinted Windows 20/5 % - Borla XR1 Exhaust - 35x12.5r22 Thunderer trac grip...