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Mopar Lift W/ ORP Springs... Dreaded ESC Problems


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Feb 22, 2020
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Installed a mopar lift with ORP springs, and a hellwig sway bar 2 years - 15k miles ago (truck only had 700 miles on it at time of install), all was good until recently. The ESC engages (& light comes on) when going around corners over 35 mph and on a slight decline.

What makes my scenario different form others that I have researched on this forum, is that from what I read most people are experiencing it immediately after lifting their trucks, and in-turn, the lift is being labeled as the culprit/cause. Having 2 years - 15k miles before experiencing the issue, I've got to believe it is something else wrong, and these trucks can operate lifted without issues as mine did for some time.

I live/work in a small rural town where all the roads are winding and up/down hill. I travel the same exact roads daily, so I am certain the issue did not exist prior. The problem progressively (but quickly) got worse, starting with it happening on some left turns, and then progressing to most left turns, and now is also happening on right turns as well. The problem is now unbearable.

Has anyone gotten to the bottom of this yet? Thanks in advance for any help & advice!!


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Jul 25, 2020
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If you turn ESC off with button, does the light on dash still come on? All four tires have even wear? Could be a wheel speed sensor going bad

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