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electrical problems


    Total loss of electrical power

    While I wait for an appointment at the dealer I thought I would take a shot and ask for some help/advice. I have a 2021 Rebel and the other day as I was driving home the battery charge warning light came on and a few minutes later as I was parking in the driveway the inside lights and dash...
  2. W

    New member

    This is DAVE, I have a 2020 ram limited eco diesel. I have about 9000 miles, taken 3 cross country trips. The truck has formed remarkable, 30 miles a gallon at speeds up 75 to 80 miles an hour. I would love to hear from someone about their’s and their performance. I have started experiencing...
  3. S

    Ram 1500 active grill shutter issues

    Okay so I have a 2016 ram and my check engine light has been on for awhile throwing a code for an active grill shutter. Dealership said it’s not that big of an issue so I didn’t worry about it, then I went to trade my truck in and they were gonna knock $1200 off trade in for it. So I decided to...
  4. J

    Major Electrical issues

    Brand new 2019 1500 major electrical issues All happened under 2000 miles 1 backup camera has green lines running through the screen like a dropped flat screen tv fixes itself then appears again 2 engine died while turning through an intersection into traffic ... had to fully stop shift to...