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cold air intake

  1. B


    Hi, I have a 2019 Ram Longhorn. I am considering the Ram airflow but wonder if it's worth the price in regards to performance.
  2. Cajun_

    Mishimoto catch can with intake

    Does the mishimoto catch can work with the ram airflow and varam? I know it works with the s&b. Trying to decide on an intake.
  3. D

    Borla touring and S&B intake for sale (Atlanta)

    Hello everyone, I am selling my 2020 1500 Laramie sport and would like to try and recoup some of the money for my exhaust and intake. I am based in the Atlanta Georgia area and can meet someone there. I have a borla touring exhaust with a few hairline scratches around the tips. I am looking for...
  4. percyZ

    Corsa Intake on 2021 Ram 1500 limited with etorque

    The Intake looks awesome, just got it installed. However, the fitting for the two hoses are extremely tight, even after I adjusted the intake pipe. had to cut a couple of zip ties to allow the temp sensor to connect, and for me, it is still pretty tight. Does anyone have the same issue?
  5. 19BlueStreakSport

    S&B vs Vararam

    Well the time has come, my last modification of the year will be the intake now that I have sold my B2 muffler, resonator deletes and tips (changed out for Borla S-Type) I am in a debate between the S&B dry or cotton (oil) and the Vararam. Prices in Canadian. By the time the Vararam gets...
  6. Bee7_ivan

    Finally Some Engine mods are done!

    Definitely happy that i got to do a lil something to the 5.7 check it out you guys!!
  7. R

    Tune needed after installing CAI?

    Hi all, I have a 2019 Ram 1500 classic with the 5.7 hemi, and was thinking about installing a cold air intake. Right not everything is stock and I was just wondering if I installed the CAI linked below if I would need a tune afterwards...
  8. W

    UConnect not working

    I have the 2020 Laramie with the 12 inch screen. I installed my kn intake today and had to disconnect the battery in doing so. I have a couple questions and issues. 1.) back up camera and sensors don’t work. Why? 2.)a red bolt of lighting light shows up when I first start my truck up. Does...
  9. Wandering Infidel

    2020 vs 2019 Rebel Motors, Same?

    Dumb question coming up! lol. Is the motor set up the same in the 2020 Rebel vs the 2019? 5.7 HEMI. I am asking because I am looking to get a cold air intake system and I am finding a LOT of them labeled as "will fit in 2019 DT Rebel 5.7 HEMI". Thanks!
  10. Bionicbo

    aFe Cold Air, which to choose

    I've decided I'm going with a aFe CAI, I'm still trying to decide which to choose I like the looks of both the Momentum GT and the Magnum Force, just not sure if the enclosed filter on the momentum is worth the extra $$. Just want get peoples people's opinions on both. Thanks
  11. DonsRam19

    0-60 mph 5.7 w/o eTorque

    0-60 run in my ram 5.7 without the eTorque 3.21 gears aFe magnum intake Traction control off
  12. DonsRam19

    AFe power cold air intake install

    Installed the aFe power Magnum force cold air intake. Sounds amazing and looks great Made a install video to make the process easier. Link below