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  1. R

    Realistic lift <=2" options (Bilstein vs Mopar)

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this, as I've read over 40 pages of different threads and I think I more confused now, than when I started. My truck is a non-ORP Laramie crew cab. I am on the fence between lifting the truck with the 2" Mopar lift, or going with Bilstein 5100s to get <2" and...
  2. E

    Upgrade shocks with air ride

    Hello, has anyone upgrade their shocks with air ride? I have a 2019 Ram Limited without ORG. I’m looking to upgrade all 4 shocks for better off road performance. The rears look like standard shocks but am having trouble finding info about replacements for the fronts. Anybody changes their...
  3. T

    Bilstein 5100 Availability DFW Metroplex? Installer Recomendation?

    Sorry if this is not the correct area to post. Does anyone know of a good installer/dealer with Bilstein 5100's in stock in the DFW Metroplex? I am looking to level my 5th gen and get some new shoes, but everywhere I call is either trying to sell me on a pre-load spacer or cant get Bilstein's...
  4. Bee7_ivan

    I’m still afraid of my leveling kit .

    So you guys I have the 3.5 kit from Rough Country. A lot of people say the preload spacer completely ruins the ride, other say it’s not as bad as you read it is. Some people say just do a top hat spacer. The problem with that is that I don’t think they make a 3.5 inch spacer. So now I read on...
  5. Pandyman

    Installed bilstein 5100 with rough country forged uca

    Just putting this out there for those who maybe wondering like I was just before I decided to do it. First of all the rough country forged uca are a lot nicer than I expected for a rough country product. I have never been a big fan of them at all and have avoided them in any project I have done...
  6. Lonestar21

    Bilstein shocks on 3.5” readylift

    What do you guys think about adding Bilstein shocks to the 3.5” Ready Lift kit instead of installing the spring spacers? Will it work? Good Idea?