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big horn

  1. redriderbob

    Mopar Introduces Its New Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition:

    Mopar Introduces Its New Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition: Package Will Be Available This Summer... The Mopar brand unveiled its next special edition vehicle this morning with the launch of the Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition. The new special edition pickup marks the second time that...
  2. M

    Backup Camera Not Working

    2021 1500 Bighorn 5.7L w/ eTorque - purchased new on 10/24/20. About a month later the backup camera failed (blank screen). Shifted into park and back into reverse still nothing. The following day it was working normally. Above freezing temps during this period. Normal operation from that...
  3. redriderbob

    Ram Announces The Final Installment Of It “Built To Serve” Edition Lineup:

    Ram Announces The Final Installment Of It “Built To Serve” Edition Lineup: Coast Guard Inspired Series Will Mark End Of Special Edition Lineup... Last week, we discussed how the first batch of the fourth installment of the Ram 1500 Big Horn “Built to Serve” Edition pickups were finally...
  4. RobMills96

    New Member My First Truck!

    Hey guys I’m glad to be here on the forums. I’ve always driven sports cars but I bit the bullet and bought my first truck!! It’s literally been a totally different experience and I love it so far. Feel free to give me all the tips about owning one of these awesome 5th gens!!! I’m also looking...
  5. redriderbob

    Dealer Ordering For Third-Installment Of “Built To Serve” Ram 1500 Opens:

    Dealer Ordering For Third-Installment Of “Built To Serve” Ram 1500 Opens: Anvil and Billet Silver Colors Are Now Available... https://5thgenrams.com/dealer-ordering-for-third-installment-of-built-to-serve-ram-1500-opens/
  6. Saunders55

    Wheel spacers

    Looking to put some 1.5” wheel spacers on my 2020 ram 1500 built to serve. I don’t want to have to cut the lugs. Anyone know if I’ll be okay running a 1.5” spacer ? If so will I need to do an alignment after installing them ?
  7. Monteezy17

    Wheel spacers on new big horn

    I recently upgraded from a 2011 sport to the new built to serve edition big horn and already installed a level kit. I want the tires to poke out a bit but don’t want to buy new wheels quite yet. I ordered some 1.5” wheel spacers for the truck. the more I read about it the less I’m sure it’s a...
  8. fwankie

    Official North Edition Thread

    So, I realize the North Edition is basically just a Big Horn that banged a Rebel. But I’m interested to see how many people out there, made the choice to go with it. I personally wasn’t even aware it was a thing, until my salesman pulled a white one around for me. And to be quite honest..he...
  9. M

    ‘19 DT 1500 Ram Big Horn- I want Chrome GONE

    Hey, I HATE all the chrome. I Hate OEM headlights/ taillights. I had a ‘15 Ram I was in the process of blacking out ( it was silver) but unfortunately I was rear ended at a red light. I upgraded to a White ‘19 Bighorn DT. I need links/ ideas on blacking all chrome out on top of new lights...
  10. B

    2019 V6 Pentastar Reviews?

    Hey all. I'm strongly considering getting the 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn with the V6. I'm tired or reading what the EPA says the mpg "should" be or how much the truck "should" be able to tow. What's it like in the real world? (MPG, towing, overall utility, etc.) Thanks!
  11. K

    Strange moaning sound

    Hey guys, I have a 2019 ram big horn, and sporadically it has a moaning noise or like a vibration coming from the cab somewhere. It’s very strange and has begun to happen more frequent with no warning. Took it too the dealer and they of course had no time to ride with me, and as soon as I left...
  12. EJanx07

    True or False: 2” Leveling Kit, w/ ORP?

    I see conflicting answers when it comes to a 2” Level Kit, added on top of the factory 1” ORP Lift. True or False:? Adding a 2” (Rough Country) Leveling Kit to the factory Off-Road Package, will make the 2019 Big Horn/Lone Star - exactly Level? No Rake visible...? Rear end doesn’t sag? (Rear...
  13. novistion

    My thoughts and opinions after 20,000 miles

    Just came back from Colorado and rolled over to 20,000 miles, so I decided I'd give my piece of the pie to someone who is looking at getting one or to whomever. TLDR: Get one. It is a huge upgrade over the last generation and IMHO is an amazing truck. But there are some quality issues that...