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5th gen issues

  1. G


    21‘ Ram 1500 Limited. Right headlight has two ‘’Strip-lights’’ above and below the main headlight lamps. They are not working. Any ideas?
  2. Tbjbu

    Quality control issues list and questions regarding my 2019 1500. Please help.

    First, thank you all for your posts and constant updates. This site has been a godsend in supplying TSB's and references when dealing with the service dept at my Ram dealership. I just posted in another thread regarding downshifting errors, and after listing all the problems I've experienced I...
  3. bryanb1982

    2022 Ram 1500 horn chirps 2x on lock

    I installed a new Baricade Extreme HD bumper with Led lights today. Now when I lock my truck the horn chirps 2x and when I unlock, the horn chirps once. Before the install, unlock had no chirp and lock had a single chirp. Does anybody know what this change in chirp generally means? For the...
  4. W

    New Truck - Several complaints. Help/Suggestions?

    I am a new RAM owner, bought a 2022 RAM 1500 Limited a few months back and have several minor complaints and was wondering if there are any workaround or solutions to the issues or features I dislike. In no way am I trying to say I hate the truck, but I am hoping for some type of feedback and...
  5. D

    Groaning noise only while backing, neutral or reverse

    Ongoing problem since day 1 with my ‘19 Ram 1500 5th Gen - been do the dealer multiple times for same issue and they haven’t resolved!! When does the issue become a lemon when the problem continues and is not rectified? They say it’s “normal operation” I call BS, this isn’t my first Ram or...
  6. K

    Anyone else having massive issues with their 2019's?

    Hey Guys, Hate for this to be my first ever post in here but just wanted to know if anyone else is having major issues with their 5th Gen Rams, This is just a small list off the top of my head of whats had to be repaired the last 6 months. Truck is just rolling over the 60,000 km mark...