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  1. DarkKn1ght

    TRX Below Tailgate Marker Lights

    Does anyone have any information on the TRX marker lights below the tailgate? I know the HD trucks are running gen 4.5 beds with 2 holes for them to click into. Our 5th gen 1500's have plastic underneath that don't have these holes. Is the unit itself different? Is it the same but the mounting...
  2. RobMills96

    New Member My First Truck!

    Hey guys I’m glad to be here on the forums. I’ve always driven sports cars but I bit the bullet and bought my first truck!! It’s literally been a totally different experience and I love it so far. Feel free to give me all the tips about owning one of these awesome 5th gens!!! I’m also looking...
  3. ryco25

    Burning off the Duratracs

    I put on a new set of Duratracs this week and sent the old ones out properly - with some egregious burnouts. Traction control off, axle locker on, 2WD, mash the gas and throttle and enjoy. These things are burnout machines! Photos below show the tires post-burnouts and the replacements for...
  4. redriderbob

    The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Has Been Named MotorTrend Truck of the Year® Title:

    The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Has Been Named MotorTrend Truck of the Year® Title: Ram's Performance Off-Roader Will Be Featured In February's Issue... https://5thgenrams.com/the-2021-ram-1500-trx-has-been-named-motortrend-truck-of-the-year-title/
  5. redriderbob

    What Will Be Powering The Upcoming Jeep® Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer?

    What Will Be Powering The Upcoming Jeep® Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer? We Look At What Might Be Coming Down The Pipeline For Jeep's Newest SUV... https://moparinsiders.com/what-will-be-powering-the-upcoming-jeep-wagoneer-and-grand-wagoneer/
  6. T

    Aftermarket Bumper - Steelcraft Fortis

    Just wanted to share some photos of my new aftermarket bumper. There aren’t many options yet for the new body style, so I had to go into this blind. There are also no real life photos of these bumpers on the RAM’s...so hopefully this helps someone! Can’t wait to get some new tires on it. 2019...
  7. J

    Roar pedal

    Anyone ever buy a Roar Pedal for their 1500 new body? I recently purchased one and im wondering if its worth the money before mine comes in !?
  8. redriderbob

    Dealer Ordering For Third-Installment Of “Built To Serve” Ram 1500 Opens:

    Dealer Ordering For Third-Installment Of “Built To Serve” Ram 1500 Opens: Anvil and Billet Silver Colors Are Now Available... https://5thgenrams.com/dealer-ordering-for-third-installment-of-built-to-serve-ram-1500-opens/
  9. Phillip Berk

    My new 2020 Bighorn. Over $15k off MSRP!

    Hi everyone, Just took delivery of my 2020 Ram 1500 Bighorn Quad cab 4x4 Hemi. Its my first truck and I plan to use it a tow vehicle, and helping my dad haul crap for the new house he is rebuilding/ remodeling. Pretty excited to finally join the truck world, I've had a 2005 Hummer H2 but that's...
  10. DarkKn1ght

    Full Length Racing Stripes

    Has anyone put full length racing stripes (bumper to bumper) on their 5th gen Ram 1500?
  11. HEMI19

    Normal engine temperatures?

    Hello, This is my first post on 5th gen rams forum. I have a question about the normal operating temperatures for the 2019 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Lone Star. I’m seeing the following temperatures while on the freeway at speeds of 70-75MPH, ambient temperatures are 90-100F. coolant temperature...
  12. B

    Larger Gastank

    Dear fellow Ram lovers, last year we bought a RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn 5,7 HEMI in Belgium, from what the seller told me it had all options checked, stupid me for not verifying. The option I am missing most is the larger gastank, since I use the vehicle for towing a lot the 26 gallon tank is...
  13. Roaminglost

    10k Miles, Thoughts and Why I Chose the 2020 RAM 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel

    Figured this would be a good place to share this.
  14. awesmdiver

    Dodge for 10 years, Tundra for 13 and finally new Ram 1500 Rebel

    Figured after 13 years it was time to turn in the Tundra and since Toyota decided to wait another 2 years for a refresh, I got the Rebel EcoDiesel. I was going to wait till the 2021 models; i.e. next year, but figured 0% I'll borrow their money. Now to figure out what to do with it. As...
  15. Mountain Eden

    2020 RAM 1500 LoneStar SteelCraft Bumper

    Bought this bumper/grill guard all in one the other day. It's a SteelCraft Elevation. I haven't seen too many pictures of RAM 1500's with it besides maybe like 2-3 of them. I still have to do a leveling kit on it because it is heavy and it even brought the front down more than factory. So I'm...
  16. Roaminglost

    Future Products for the 5th Gen

    Figured I'd do a post about future product options in one place. I work in the offroad industry and am always learning about new products. So figured this would be a good place to list them. And for people waiting on getting something like suspension, I'm sure there will be even more companies...
  17. redriderbob

    REVIEW: Our Long-Term Laramie Sport Hits The 10,000 Mile Mark:

    REVIEW: Our Long-Term Laramie Sport Hits The 10,000 Mile Mark: So What Is Our Thoughts Thus Far In Owning A 2019 Ram 1500? https://5thgenrams.com/review-our-long-term-laramie-sport-hits-the-10000-mile-mark/
  18. DarkKn1ght

    Retro Two Tone Ram 1500

    Has anyone painted or applied decals to their Ram 1500 to make it two tone? There's a dealer who's selling two tone F150's and I'm wondering what our Ram 1500's would look like with a similar paint scheme. https://www.motor1.com/reviews/362945/bfp-ford-f-150-retro-first-drive/
  19. Villegmi


    I recently installed a 3.5” leveling kit and put Fuel Vapors on 35x12.5R20 on the truck. The tires fit but a little before full lock there seems to be a little rubbing. Is there a fix for this besides going to a larger lift? Will spacers help? Sorry for the bother, new to this...Thanks in advance
  20. T

    Limited in Pearl Red with Light frost/Indigo Blue interior

    It seems like a long wait but not that bad. Ordered early May delivered 4th July! Can't get over the amount of technology in this truck - keep finding new things, just like Christmas. Loving the space (I'm 6'3"). The colour combination is spectacular. Sound system rocks! 400km (250miles)...