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Recent content by rudyyoko

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    Body Side Moldings

    I see you had an eco diesel, why did you get rid of it?
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    headrest too far forward

    I'm in north carolina and there are plenty of these trucks around my area. I dont care what they look like in the daytime, but at night, they are a driving hazard with their headlights glaring straight forward.
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    Droning noise when on eco mode

    I have a 2019 ram 1500, crew cab, 6'4" bed. I have never heard any exhaust noise. Well, i hear it roar when I hit the gas hard, but I think hemi's are supposed to sound like a v8. But never an heard a drone on my truck at any rpms, city or highway.
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    Start up clanking noise

    I find that to be the case as well. If the parking brake is set to work automatically, I get the clank every time I start it up. If I dont have the electronic brake on, it does not make that sound. That being said, if I have a very light pressure on the brake pedal when I start it up, and...
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    Decals... Let’s see em!

    Very nice!!!
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    She's Gone!

    I heard thats illegal in 27 states...
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    Auto-On Comfort Not Working

    Where is the add button?
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    Anybody have the SumoSprings?

    Ive had timbrens on a 2014 ram, and I put them on my 2019. I like that it does not affect ride when unloaded, which like you, is most of the time for me. I pull my 30ft travel trailer, weighs about 6k fully loaded. When the trailer is in tow, the timbrens are in full contact and the rear of the...
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    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    I bought the 7883 because I couldnt find anyone with the 7709 in stock. I'm glad I did, I plan on lifting the truck some and it gives me the flexibility with the adjustable end links.
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    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    I just installed the hellwig 7883 sway bar in my truck because I could not find the 7709. Very nice upgrade. I have it on the tightest setting and that works really well for me. I wish I would have known about this when I bought my truck in 2018. It really does feel like a nice sedan. I didnt...
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    Window tint blocks auto dimmer on side mirrors

    Ive got my rear windows tinted with the darkest tint that could be added on top of the stock dark tint. The business doing the install told me that I would not be able to see out the rear windows. I said do it, I want to keep the sun out. My side mirrors still dim enough to be effective. For me...
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    4wd Auto jerking

    Not normal guys, I use the 4wd auto when the roads are slick. I dont feel a difference between regular 2wd and 4wd auto. This is including tight turns and everything. I drive a 2019 ram crew cab. My wife drives a 2014 with the same type of 4wd auto set up and you cannot feel any difference in...
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    3.21 vs 3.92: The Last Word

    In the 80s when I was pulling a 24ft 4 horse trailer, 4.11s was the only gears I wanted on my truck. I have never gone faster than 60mph with any trailer that was heavier than 6k pounds. 90% of the time I was pulling these horse trailers was for camping in the mountains.