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    A friend of mine once said " I dont wear a Rolex to know what time it is, I wear a Rolex so everyone else knows what time it is." I always liked that. A watch is jewelry that happens to keep time. Some people like that some dont. Telling time is the least of the functions of wearing a nice watch.
  3. rotts4u

    Let’s see your Dogs!

    I had to put this one down recently but this was my last Rotty after having the breed for about 30 year
  4. rotts4u

    First oil change

    Rotella T6 is a diesel oil. Do you have the Eco Diesel engine in your 1500?
  5. rotts4u

    #1 Rated Ceramic Coating - Black Friday Sale!

    I have coated many of my own cars and a few for others as well. It takes me a LONG day all day by myself to properly coat a Ram 1500 crew cab. There are a LOT of steps to do first. Here is the basic process for a new or like new truck without major swirls. Wash Iron X Clay bar Polish with DAO...
  6. rotts4u

    Artdeshine Coatings are the Bomb!

    I am an ARTDESHINE installer and I too really love it. I have been mostly using CARPRO but recently tried Artdeshine. Its super slick way more than Quartz topped with Gliss. I just dont know how long it will last yet. I have it on a few cars now that are doing great
  7. rotts4u

    What are you using to clean/shine your wheels?

    I am very simple when it comes to cleaning wheels. I use a few ounces of DAWN soap in a spray bottle with water. Its cheap and works great on wheels and tires. I do ceramic coat all my wheels which helps make them super slick too. CarPro or Artdeshine coatings mostly.
  8. rotts4u

    1500 Laramie set up to be towed behind Motorhome

    How do you like the Fleetwood? I have a Tiffin Phaeton myself but I was a magazine writer for Motorhome Magazine for about 15 years. I am still involved but not like I was once in the industry
  9. rotts4u

    Please recommend 20” All-terrain favorites - the Duelers are awful!

    Thats a good looking truck. A lot like mine including the cap. Im gonna consider those tires when its time
  10. rotts4u

    SiriusXM Guardian service renewal attempt...

    I have tried over and over to get GUARDIAN at a discount and have never been successful. If you have the 12" screen half of the functions dont even work on the app that DO work on the 8" screen trucks. I had a long call with Guardian once asking why do I have to pay full price for it when half...
  11. rotts4u

    Transmission fluid flush?

    My Subaru has a similar procedure for getting the trans up to demo then checking fluid etc etc. I dont have a scan gauge etc so I have been doing a more simple procedure to service the CVT in it. I raise the vehicle level then remove the fill plug first. Then remove the drain and carefully...
  12. rotts4u

    Which oil seperator are you running?

    I bought the Billet Tech one and even though I turn off the MDS system every time I drive I still get an accumulation in mine every 5000 miles
  13. rotts4u

    Koons Factory Order Ram TRX $10,000 OFF MSRP

    Thanks, I was looking for something with "Craig" in it. I overlooked that one
  14. rotts4u

    Koons Factory Order Ram TRX $10,000 OFF MSRP

    Where is Craigs email? I dont see it