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    Bad fuel mileage 5.7 hemi

    Rebel gas mileage was pissing me off so much I had to buy a Jeep, lift it and throw on 37s to get some decent mileage in my daily driver. :censored: Rebel, leveled, otherwise stock: 12 city, 15 hwy (if lucky) JLUR, 2.5" MC lift, 37" Pats.............15 city, 17 hwy
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    35s and mpg

    i'd kill for 13 city on my stock 33s
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    Headlight issues with 2.5 leveling kit

    if you install a winch it will solve this issue. much better solution then adjusting the lights :censored:
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    Does anyone know?

    guessing 150# ...200 if people are tipping well
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    Bad fuel mileage 5.7 hemi

    Remote start is meaningless, the time left idling is the factor. I remote start mine all the time, then I immediately walk out of my house, get in and leave. Has nothing to do with anything. (its obviously a pet peeve of mine these blanket "remote start = significantly less fuel economy"...
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    What size wheel locks for a Rebel

    I used these
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    Leather seats not so leather??

    out of curiosity, where does that place the rebel 12 'premium leather'?
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    December Incentives: What stacks & what does not? (0% financing, Employee Pricing, Rebates, etc)

    i would imagine that in most cases, if you required the full term of the loan for payback, take the 0%. If you are able to pay off early and there is no penalty to do so, take the rebates.
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    Ram (Doesn't) Care

    re-reading the OP, it sounds like they never took a picture to send to FCA? Sounds like the dealer screwed you. Take it to another and ask them to take a picture to send to FCA for replacement approval. The dealer is not the last word on it. Not even sure why they care. (I did not get mine...
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    Ram (Doesn't) Care

    fwiw, they replaced this rear seat for me 3 months after purchase without drama. Dealer took a picture, send it in for approval and 2 weeks later called to setup the replacement appointment.
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    Bad fuel mileage 5.7 hemi

    10K recently. Rebel 12 (1554# door sticker) with 500 lbs of add-ons. Getting around 16.5 hwy, 12 city
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    Cool set up

    front locker though
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    Bed Utility Rail System

    Thanks. Yes on the rivnuts. I believe it was an M6 hex. No spray in under the bedrug, didn't want to burn the ~70 lbs of payload for it.
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    Anyone looking for Ram upgrades for Black Friday?

    25% off entire site at Midland. Just grabbed an MXT275 for $112. ($150 on Amazon)
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    Anyone looking for Ram upgrades for Black Friday?

    Would like to get an ARB Twin compressor but they are price fixed and I've never seen anyone include them in their sales. If anyone see's a deal, please post. Seems to be $542 everywhere. Almost did it for no-tax at 4WP last week but decided to wait and see.