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    Problems filling gas tank

    After having my fuel tank replaced the tanked filled fine for about 2 months and now it’s acting up again. Pretty frustrating trying to fill up when it’s -20 out and the wind is blowing. Tried 3 different gas stations and nozzle placement but nothing helped. Waiting to hear from the dealer on...
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    Gas fill issues

    Had my fuel tank replaced a month ago and it ended my fuel filling issue. Apparently the rollover valve is now externally mounted versus internal.
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    Driving in snow

    Of the past 10 plus 4wd vehicles that I’ve owned I have never used 4 low for driving thru snow on paved or gravel roads in rural ND where we see our fair share of snow. Used 4 auto and if you don’t think that your getting enough traction go to 4 hi.
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    Problems filling gas tank

    I have the same gas filling issue. Tried different gas stations, position of the nozzle, depth of the nozzle, and rate of which gas is flowing into the tank. Twice in the past couple of weeks it took me 15 minutes to fill my tank while I hold the handle and trickle the gas in. This is after the...
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    Oil leak 1500 miles

    I had the same type of oil leak, dealer thought it was the oil cooler above the filter so they replaced. Still had the leak and it turned out to be a oil psi sender right above the cooler. Sensor was only hand tight so they ended up replacing the sensor.
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    Bighorn purchased October 2020 and I used fluid film from new. ND driven where there is a lot of salt, salt brine, and beet juice used on the roads. Just touched up areas that might have washed after a year and impressed that very little has washed away and no rust on any steel.
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    Small oil leak 3,500-4,000 miles into oil change

    I had a small leak from above the oil filter, every once in a while there would be a spot of oil on the floor. I believe the Dealer said that they replaced a cooler above the filter housing and I haven’t had a leak since.
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    Former F-150 owners: what do you miss?

    Things I miss: key pad 36 gallon fuel tank 3:55 rear end w/limited slip towing mirrors Things I like: excellent ride quiet exterior looks interior engine sound AC works great 8 speed transmission
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    Question for Northerners...

    In ND. Have never put weight in the back and just leave in auto 4wd.
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    Any Firefighters?

    Have a blue led light mounted with suction cups to the right of the rear view mirror. Power comes out from the overhead console. Works good but when really cold out the suction cups come loose, would like to figure out another mounting option.
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    Mud flaps, which ones to buy?

    thanks for the replies. do you need to use the optional 4th screw on the husky flaps?
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    Too cold, won't start!

    3 days in a row with low temperatures -21 F and pickup starts right up.
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    Mud flaps, which ones to buy?

    i know that this subject has been discussed in other posts but I’m looking for either a WT or Husky mud flaps that will fit my needs. I had Mopar flaps put on when I bought my Bighorn in October but they don’t work for the roads that I drive on, gravel and snow covered roads. I’m looking for a...
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    2020 V8 Mileage big drop

    I have a 3 month old Big Horn and live in ND. Even though it has been unseasonably warm I have been using auto start lately and my mileage has gone from the upper teens to the lower teens. Using 87 octane gas also. Same mileage drop with all my vehicles that I own. Just waiting for a month of...
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    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    So the truck that I’m looking at has a 3.21 and is good for pulling 8500 lbs. I live on flat ground but once or twice a year I will go out to MT or WY pulling a sled trailer which roughly weighs 4500-5000 lbs. With the ZF transmission I will be able to lock 8th gear out when I get to the...