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Recent content by Jtt2015

  1. J

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    What size tires did you go with?
  2. J

    Alfa OBD

    Thanks for all the info in this forum. Got my tailgate ajar warning to finally come up and got my bed lights to come on with the tailgate open. 2021 Laramie
  3. J

    Power running boards not on UConnect

    Can anyone tell me if I ordered the stuff I need to use the alfaobd software. 1. Obd2 scanner 2. security bypass cable: this cable has 2 ends. One end has a 12-pin and 8-pin connector, the other end looks as if it connects to the obd2 scanner 3. AlfaOBD software
  4. J

    NO TAILGATE AJAR WARNING ?? 2020 ram rebel

    I am having the same issue of no tailgate ajar warning and no bed cargo lights with tailgate down. I finally received the odb scanner and security bypass cable. Can someone please walk me through the process and getting the security bypass installed correctly?
  5. J

    Exhaust Suggestion Please

    Awesome. Thanks! Was just about to place my order in americantrucks thank you! Comes out to $890. Still way better than the $1,030 I was gonna pay on americantrucks
  6. J

    Exhaust Suggestion Please

    Where did you find the s type for that price?
  7. J

    2021 Led lights

    Has anyone swapped to LED bulbs for the third brake light/cargo light on a 2021 Ram? I have seen a bunch for 2020 rams but they say it won’t work for the 2021
  8. J

    2021 Ram 1500 bed divider

    No I don’t have Ram boxes. The bed utility group comes with the utility rails mounted in the bed. Mopar makes a bed divider similar to the one you have but it mounts to the utility rails. There looks to be plenty of room for the tonneau cover hardware above the rails just trying to verify before...
  9. J

    2021 Ram 1500 bed divider

    Just purchased a 2021 1500 Laramie with the bed utility group. I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Mopar bed divider that fits in the rails? I’m looking at purchasing a bakflip MX4 but was unsure if it will fit with the bed divider installed also.
  10. J

    33 x 12.5 on factory 22s

    Do you have any pics of the 305/45/22 on your truck? Just bought a 2021 Laramie night edition and that’s the size I’m looking to buy. Also what psi are you running them at?
  11. J

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    2021 Ram 1500 Laramie 4WD 5.7L eTorque. Night edition, Laramie Level 2 group, sunroof, power running boards, bed utility group, trailer brake, Unconnect 12” w/nav. Sticker $63,735. Invoice $54,xxx Paid $51,725 ** first responder rebate