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    Question about 2020 Rebel with air

    So I installed the level links on my Rebel and I really like the new stance. My question is every now and then when I hit a bump it feels like my shocks are maxed out. Has anyone changed the shocks after adding level links?
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    35" Tire. No lift, no level, no orp, no air. Pics

    I have a rebel with air and front links, minor modification to wheel well. 35x12.5 on 18x9. -12 offset and no rubbing. Doubt it can be done the way your asking for.
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    The Raptor Has A Cool Aux Switch Bank - So Can The RAM!

    I’m down for one without the air gauge!!
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    Any Mississippi Rams?

    Does your truck have ram boxes?
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    Any Mississippi Rams?

    I’m in Hattiesburg, also a State fan! Went to State in 1998 as well. Hail State!
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    Question for those with air ride and links/spacers

    Thanks for the response. Any pics?
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    Rebel vs Power Wagon

    The TRX I built was mid $90k, significantly more than PW.
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    Question for those with air ride and links/spacers

    Do you feel like the ride is still as good as factory? Can you fit 35’s without trimming? Do all air level settings still work appropriately?
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    Rebel vs Power Wagon

    So I started this thread just to see what the opinions would be from other ram owners. I really like the replies and I am not sure if I will trade but they are definitely both awesome trucks. I really like how the 2021 75th anniversary edition has the large center console instead of bench seat...
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    Rebel vs Power Wagon

    Just wanted to get opinions on which truck you would rather have for a daily driver, occasionally tow mild weight and occasionally go “off-road” but nothing crazy. I currently have a 2020 loaded Rebel but I really like the 75th Anniversary Power Wagon.
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    Suspension/tire combo 4” Lift

    Clazer, any pics of your truck? Your mod list is right where I wanna go. TIA
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    Can you give specs on your wheel/tire and suspension setup? Looks great!
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    TRX vs Raptor

    I traded my 2017 raptor fully modded with Cobb parts. It was a great truck and fun to drive. I had problems with the transmission towards the end of warranty and Ford wasn’t being helpful. I also didn’t like the towing ability. Final gripe will be that I had to run premium fuel on a 30 gallon...
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    Daystar KC09113BK on Ram Rebel 2019 with air suspension

    Any update on this project?
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    Traded in the Raptor for a Rebel 12A....!!! Back to Mopar/Ram

    I also traded a ‘17 Raptor in for my ‘20 Rebel. Financially it was too good to pass on and my ford tranny was on the way out, and I didn’t even drive it hard ‍♂️ But the real issue was not being able to tow much weight at all. Really enjoying the Ram