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    6 inch lift with 35’s

    Seen mixed reviews from different people. Do 35s fit on a 6 inch lift with no rubbing at all? I see a lot of trucks running 37s with no issues but I see posts with people saying 35s rub. I guess it comes down to wheel offset?
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    Occasional rattle in back of cab

    Anyone experience A rattle when hitting bumps on the road? Can’t put my finger on it but it sounds like it’s coming from the passenger rear side of the cab. Thought it might have been seat belts but I ruled that out. Any advice?
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    Suspension Set up Advice

    Just picked up my 19 Canadian sport a month ago and i have envisioned in my head what I want to do but I’m looking for peoples opinions on the matter. I have stock 22s but I’m looking to go down to a 20x12 with 35x1250s and I’m stuck on waiting for a 4 inch or go with a 6 inch lift. Anyone have...
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    All Weather Floor Mats

    What is everyone using for floor mats in there truck? I’ve herd weather techs up in here in Canada are good and I’ve herd huskey liners are good as well, any suggestions?
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    Ready lift vs Rough Country UCA

    This has been a big debate it seems from a couple other threads in the forum. Up here in Canada I went to a well known performance shop that specializes in lifting trucks and has been doing it for over 15 years. When I asked for his opinion on weather to go with a RC or RL 3.5 he personally...
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    Max Lift with 22inch XL hub

    What’s everyone’s experience with lifts and XL hub sizes? How big of a lift can be done without any major issues? Just picked up my truck with stock 22inch wheels.
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    3.5” Lift Clarification

    Hey guys, Been reading lots of different threads on the matter but I wanted to post and see if I can get more direct info. I’m up in Toronto Ontario and I have a 19 Black Sport with stock 22s on order for next month. Not sure if the sport model is available in the states but I guess it...