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    Blacked Out the Silver Bullet - Teaser

    I was thinking about doing the same thing to my Silver Limited
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    Limited wheels

    I would also be interested in purchasing your wheels if you decide to sell
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    How’s your 2019 Ram running? Take our poll!

    Order my truck on 27 Oct 2018...recieved and picked up on 12 Jan 2019. Only 235 miles and my new truck is in the shop for multiple electrical issues. 1. 12 Uconnect screen blacked out/inoperative 2. One running board stuck in down position, the other one stuck in the up position. 3. Front...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Yeah I had then try dealer trade with Carlsbad while I waited for my order....of course they wanted to hold on to their truck that's been there 4+ months nor did they want to match Hunter..
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Those that live in the SoCal area...hit up Chris Broosalis at Hunter Ram in Lancaster, CA. The have a large inventory and usually work deals to be had. You have to be quick as there great deals sells quick
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    2019 Limited 4x2 MSRP - 62,035 OTD - 55,810 (Includes TTL) No trade Hunter CDRJ Landcaster, CA
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    Finally my Silver Bullet has arrived!!!

    I joined the site last year after deciding I wanted to purchase another RAM and Oh Boy!!! What an upgrade from the 4th Gen Laramie I had. I'm really impressed with the upgrades RAM has added....the other Big Two cant match what Ram has to offer as a complete package and I have owned all 3 and...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Seems like a great deal....I'm located in Sounds like a great deal . I'm located in SoCal too, do you mind sharing the dealership you worked with???
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    New member from Los Angeles.

    Welcome to site alllll the way from Riverside County..lol
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Tell Chris/Jason ...Julian Swann sent you their way
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Hey Longhorn, I also have a guy at the Hunter Ram in Lancaster. Ask for either Chris Boosalis or Jason.....they'll hook you up....alot better than most of the dealers in SoCal
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    New member in the SoCal

    Wzup all, currently in the market for the 5th Gen Ram in either the Laramie or Longhorn trim. I'm leaning towards ordering one since most of the local dealers dont have the exact match I want. Also I'm looking to purchase in Dec as soon as we (family) close on our new home in Beaumont. I...
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    Employee pricing

    Thanks for the info KJRams....do you have any contacts near SoCal????