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Recent content by Cudapower

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    How are the 2019's holding up?

    Best truck I have ever owned, 53,000 miles and nothing but oil changes. 19-20,5 mpg.
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    Mark Dodge Thread

    So are they discounting trucks now? How much off of sticker are they going? Also are you guys trading in your old trucks or selling them?
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    Not Much For Paint Choices in 2022

    Yes I find it really noticable, about the only trucks that are two tone are special ordered. All the lot trucks are single color. I dont know why dealers order their stock that way. I guess if that is all you have to buy on the lot that is the choice, but I think two tone is much sharper. I do...
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    Not Much For Paint Choices in 2022

    I was surprised specing out a truck on the Ram site. I have a 2019 Laramie I ordered with 2 tone paint and they don't even offer 2 tone paint anymore. Also they have greatly cut down on the color selection. I know all the dealer lots are full of single color trucks, I like two tones. There is...
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    Do you ever start to get out of your truck without turning it off?

    All the time, if you live on a farm you are in and out of it all the time. I wish I could back up and drive through gates with the door open. That e brake thing is stupid.
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    Can y'all help me figure out my payload?

    Be aware that campers are BS numbers also, dry weight not full or loaded. Camper MFG dont give a hoot about your tow vehicle. They but the battery and the full propane tanks right up on the front hitch. Plus most camper storage is all across the front of the camper. Then you add a 120 lb weight...
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    Air conditioning performance

    Took my 2019 in out of warranty, The air just doesnt keep up at 90 + degrees so I wanted the blend doors checked. The dealer checked it out and said both the high and low side valves had small leaks in them so changing valves and hoses is going to stick me 1400 bucks. I could probably just...
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    Anderson WDH question

    I had a Husky with bars and chains. I just got an Anderson and have pulled with it twice. I really like it. But I have a 1500 with air suspension so I cant really answer your question. My trailer is 6600 with 670 lbs of T.W. and only 1370 load rating. Some likes. It puts the ball 2 inches...
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    Garbage towing numbers

    Thats not so - Ive just been tied up. My truck with a full tank of gas is 5940 empty weight. The heaviest thing under the seat is one hydraulic jack. I moved the spare trailer tire, the electrical cable and leveling wood to the back bumper on the trailer. I got the truck from being 200 lbs...
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    Garbage towing numbers

    I am going to scale mine tomorrow again. My door sticker says 7100 lbs and max payload of 1383 lbs. So according to that the truck is 5717. Mine is a Laramie, hemi, crew cab, 4x4, sure grip, trailer towing, 33 gal tank, bench seat, 18 inch tires, canvas box cover, air suspension. That is all...
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    Towing with 2020 Big Horn 5.7l and 3.21

    What I have run into also is that the listed truck empty weight is bogus. My truck empty actually weighs 6100 lbs not the 5200 they list. actually weigh your truck with a full tank and add the people and stuff you are going to haul. When I do that I barely have 1000 lbs capacity for the...
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    Garbage towing numbers

    I read your truck description, do you know what it weighs?
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    Garbage towing numbers

    Well mine is not totally loaded, it must be the 4 wheel drive. I dont have Ram boxes, sunroof or the tail gate. Just a canvas box cover, hemi, 4 wheel drive, 33 gal tank is the biggest weight add.
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    Garbage towing numbers

    Has anyone else noticed that the empty weight numbers on the Ram towing charts are really off. They state a range of empty weights for Laramie's of 4900 to roughly 5200. I had been figuring my trailer weight off of the heavy end of that number. My truck actually weighs 6100 lbs empty. That...
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    Grinding noise

    Do you have a Sure Grip rear end or the locker. The Sure Grip clutches have to slip turning corners. Tighter corners would make it worse.