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    Please post your Tire and Loading sticker

    Myself and all mods in signature included.
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    Looking at a used 19 Laramie, thoughts and a few concerns?

    I got a year ago a brand new 2019 bone stock Laramie + 20" wheels MSRP 51K for 40,750 and today Carfax shows 37,800 trade-in value. I am very happy with my choice.
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    truck will not go faster than 35 mph

    You probably locked lower gear with gear selector.
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    Anyone ever pay off your truck early and get threatened by dealership that you are responsible for a penalty?

    When I bought mine with 10K down and 34K in loan (44k in total after TTL) from dealer all they asked for me is to wait and do at least one payment. In the next two weeks loan changed hands and finally Wells Fargo came up as a winer. I made first payment and the next day paid all outstanding...
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    Truck tries to start but acts like it vapor locks and then dies.....

    Manual says do not use blend fuel with blends of ethanol above 15%. I think gas at most gas stations contains 10% as standard.
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    What's the No. 1 thing that disappointed you the most about your truck ?

    Pedals. I can never find good foot position. My foot always jumping around in search for pedals. I am driving daily BMW with Organ gas pedal where my foot rests mostly in the same position.
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    Uneven Tire Wear

    Run front tires at 40 psi cold, rear at 36 cold. There is 1k-lb more weigh upfront, tire wears out on the outside due to turning.
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    Difference in gas mileage between the 3.21 and 3.92?

    Pure city - 13 mpg. Pure highway - up to 20 mpg @ 70mph avg.
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    Interesting Speed / Larger Tire Observation

    After a year of driving you lost some thread life and overall wheel diameter, so with time there is less and less difference in speed due to larger tires.
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    AC - does anyone have a truck that blows ice cold?

    AC sucks: My daily commute is 5.5 miles each way. If the outside temp is in 95+ range I have to close valve to stay cool on the way home. Same applies to short trips around town. AC blows ice-cold: Last week was driving from AZ to CA, 4.5 hour drive, outside temp range was 103 to 95. Valve open...
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    Tire Rotation & TPMS

    Unfortunately mine was half brok Yep. Mine was half broken, popping up, from the get go. Finally broke off. Not a big deal.
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    Payload discrepancy between door jamb sticker and RAM web site

    When I bought truck, dealer gave me payload paper to sign which they retained. That I understand and acknowledge that payload is 1,840lb and towing 11.3K lbs with a fine print at the bottom. We all well know what in that fine print.
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    What's with the oil catch cans?

    After 7K miles, 3 dumps from a catch can.
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    4WD Top Speed

    I drove 200 miles on highway 395 last winter @60-70 mph in 4Hi while road was covered in snow. I fell confident and no issues.
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    Payload discrepancy between door jamb sticker and RAM web site

    I would say that probably most people who switches from sedan or SUV to a first truck learn it hard way the importance of checking payload sticker. I personally never paid any attention to it until I bought single axle small trailer to use with my family SUV. And yes, it is not in the dealers...