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extended warranty

  1. M

    This is why you buy your extended warranty from Ziegler factory plans.....

    So I had purchased 8yr/125k mile extended warranty from Ziegler last November. I realized that with the miles I am driving and COVID is still not over, that I will blow through the mileage portion in about 5 years. So I sent them an email this mor about changing my plan to the 7 yr unlimited...
  2. LHarv

    Warranty or not to Warranty?

    Hey guys, My 19" Ram Limited is hitting that 3 year mark here in August. Currently it only has 35,000km or 21,000 miles. Just curious who has added warranty and didn't need it or if there is anyone out there has had so many dealer trips that it has already paid off the warranty? And the reasons...
  3. Astubbs9

    Frustrated by warranty restrictions due to limited Mopar options.

    I recently bought a warranty on my 2021 ram, bighorn from the dealer and am frustrated by the fact that Mopar doesn’t offer a 2” leveling kit that will remain covered under my 100,000 wrap warranty. Does anybody know of options? I know Mopar has the 2” lift kit but that maintains the factory...
  4. T

    Extended Warranties

    Old subject different times... Creeping on hitting my 36k miles for factory warranty on my 2019 ram 1500. Just checked with Chyrslyer direct and it seems they actually went up in pricing. Anyone know any of any good deals going on? Just looking for a 5year/100k mile plan. Chrysler direct was...