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Replaced speakers and lost Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)???


Aug 23, 2021
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Man is this thread confusing now, hahaha.

I've got the Alpine 9-speaker system in my 2022 with the Hemi eTorque.

Looking to upgrade the dash and door speakers, and KEEP ANC if possible.

What I'm trying to find out is:
1. What wiring harnesses do I need? I've seen people say Metra 72-6514 for doors and Metra 72-902 for dash, is that right?
2. What ohm rating should I be looking for on doors? I am okay with volume not being as loud but I'd really rather not deal with any drone....what is the stock ohm rating of the door and dash speakers on the 9-speaker alpine system?

I'm not looking to add an amplifier or anything, just want a cleaner sound. My original thoughts were to put a 6x9 coaxial in the front and rear doors, and do some 3.5" for the three dash speakers with adapters. Cheap and easy.

Suggestions appreciated. Don't need to go bougie like Focal or something, just an upgrade for clarity and mid-bass.

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