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"R A M" Tailgate Letter Emblems Part Number? Link to purchase online?


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Mar 24, 2019
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Jacksonville, Florida
Does anyone know where I can get the " R A M " tailgate letter emblems for the 5th gens? OR have a part number? When i search online all i can find is the 4th gen letters or vinyl decals.

Dented my tailgate backing into my old house FOR THE VERY LAST TIME (dont ask) ordered a tailgate replacement painted to match on ebay around 12/2, gets hung up at fedex over the holidays for like 2 weeks, didnt get until after xmas. I go to install it and it is dented. Seller has me send it back and says they will ship a replacement. They end up refunding me the money and not sending a replacement, so i go on ebay and order another one from them. Get it today, not damaged, YAY. Upon further inspection i bought a rebel tailgate, and now I dont have the letter emblems to go on the tailgate since I have the laramie and bought the RAM head emblem. Turns out, i bought the last non rebel tailgate from that ebay seller, and then bought the rebel tailgate the second time around instead. What a frigging pain in the ***. I much prefere the laramie tailgate with the RAM head emblem instead of the giant RAM letters on the back, but here I am. I just want my tailgate fixed and not be dented. So i am searching for the RAM emblems.

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