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ram letter emblems

  1. D

    Vinyl for emblems

    When I couldn’t find a used blacked out silver 1500 in my area I ended up getting a 2019 Billet Silver Bighorn V6. Love it but still wanted to have black emblems so I searched the internet and found a website that has vinyl in multiple colors that are exact cut for the emblems and extremely...
  2. RAMayor

    "R A M" Tailgate Letter Emblems Part Number? Link to purchase online?

    Does anyone know where I can get the " R A M " tailgate letter emblems for the 5th gens? OR have a part number? When i search online all i can find is the 4th gen letters or vinyl decals. Backstory... Dented my tailgate backing into my old house FOR THE VERY LAST TIME (dont ask) ordered a...