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PPF Question - Kavaca


Apr 28, 2021
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So last week I had some Kavaca PPF installed on my truck and while it looked ok from a distance, there's a number of bubbles and areas where the film is not sticking and is pulling up. I mentioned it while I picked the truck up and was told to keep an eye on the areas and try to work them back down and they will even out over time. Also, I am supposed to bring my truck back for a wash/follow-up so that they can remedy the minor inconsistencies that were observed upon pick-up. I think I'm going to be complaining about more than they are going to expect because I think some of the film needs be re-cut, maybe reapplied to fully fix the issues.

For those of you who have had this or a similar film applied, did you experience anything similar to this with the PPF/install? The area that I had covered (see red lines below) is somewhat tedious with plenty of curves, but at nearly $1,000 to have the job done, I expect it to be perfect.

1622737981388_Truck_resized.png 20210701_070025_resized.jpg 20210701_070017_resized.jpg 20210701_065957_resized.jpg 20210701_065952_resized.jpg 20210701_065936_resized.jpg


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Nov 18, 2019
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The Palouse
I'd definitely be complaining about that. Reminds me of a car I bought a few years ago and paid extra for the PPF. It had a lot of areas like those in your pics. When I took it back and showed them they re-did the entire job. It was pretty much flawless the second time.


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Jan 31, 2021
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Lehigh Valley, PA
Coming from someone who is an EXTREME OCD freak when it comes to car paint, I’d expect it to be 110% perfect when you’re paying a substantial amount of money for it. I think what I have seen in other posts for PPF and my own experience, vetting the shop who does it makes the difference, not necessary the PPF product itself.

I did a good amount of trolling of the shop who did mine. I’d really make them address it when you take it back for the maintenance wash.


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Jan 28, 2018
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ON, Canada
Not a good job, I would want it fixed. I had my Rebel done and there are no bubbles, now I did have a few places it didn't stick right but she fixed those right up a couple days later. It's my second vehicle that she has done. I had my 2014 Outdoorsman done too and it was perfect.


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Jun 28, 2019
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That's a trash install job. With PPF you're paying for the install quality, not the film.

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