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  1. C

    PPF Question - Kavaca

    So last week I had some Kavaca PPF installed on my truck and while it looked ok from a distance, there's a number of bubbles and areas where the film is not sticking and is pulling up. I mentioned it while I picked the truck up and was told to keep an eye on the areas and try to work them back...
  2. B

    Protective Paint Film and Ceramic Coating

    I've decided on getting a clear bra / PPF, protective paint film, put on the front of my new truck. I've only had minor ones installed on previous vehicles. I'd love to get everyone's opinion and thoughts about them. As far as coverage I'm thinking hood, grill, lights, bumper, fenders, and...
  3. 3

    Expel Paint Protection Entire Truck

    I know I am going to get some hate, but to each their own. I did not find any information on paint protection, so hopefully this information can be useful for someone curious about it. Purchased my truck a month ago. After a few days, I noticed scratches on the truck (one scratch was from a...
  4. thabiiighomie

    Will PPF do the same job as Fender Flares on a Bright White 2019 Ram 1500 with Sport Appearance Package?

    I just ordered the truck WITHOUT OE Fender Flares. I am going to have PPF put on the whole front end including headlights and fog lights, rocker panels, bottom 1/4 of each door, and around the fenders. Should I have ordered the Original Equipment Fender Flares? Also installing Weather Tech...
  5. 69RT3X9

    Best locations for Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

    For those of you that have had your trucks for a while, can you recommend specific locations on your truck where you wish you would have installed PPF from "Day 1"? I have a new black appearance package Laramie on order and want protect the areas "vulnerable to damage" shortly after taking...