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  1. JbVt

    2021 ORG all taller than my 2020 ORG.

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this or has any input. I have a 2020 Bighorn night edition with ORG. I happed to be driving by my local dealer tonight and noticed they had a handful of new trucks out, been pretty spaced lately. Anyways I swung in as I always enjoy looking. They had 3 2021...
  2. Clyde

    2” Mopar lift w/ ORP springs - pics of ball joint angles

    I’ve poured through threads and have seen a few pics, and many opinions. Seems like there are a few Mopar lift/ORP owners concerned about their ball joint angle... The only picture of the actual ball joint I could find was on a truck (jeffJad’s) that had a higher than normal ride height...