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  1. Tommymoe5

    ORG Max tire size.. 295/70r18 285/75r18

    Anyone know if you can get the 295/70/18 or even better the 285/75/18 on a stock ORP no Air? I really want to go 34s but also have no interest in doing a level at this point. Wondering what the max tire size I can go with minimal rub?
  2. VanIsland

    19’ 1500 Bighorn ORP - Bilsteins B8 5100

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn ORP on 18’s and took it hunting for the first time. Right away I found the front end of the truck to be to low to clear even small obstacles (deactivations, small rocks) and am looking to gain some height. I have been pouring over the...
  3. Clyde

    2” Mopar lift w/ ORP springs - pics of ball joint angles

    I’ve poured through threads and have seen a few pics, and many opinions. Seems like there are a few Mopar lift/ORP owners concerned about their ball joint angle... The only picture of the actual ball joint I could find was on a truck (jeffJad’s) that had a higher than normal ride height...
  4. KidCutti

    Anyone know the part # for the ORP springs?

    I can’t get any clear answers from the dealership so any input will help. I have the mopar lift and am considering adding the ORP springs up front because I have read that you will gain 1” of lift. Can anyone confirm this change in ride height and how is your quality? Very curious, hope someone...
  5. EJanx07

    True or False: 2” Leveling Kit, w/ ORP?

    I see conflicting answers when it comes to a 2” Level Kit, added on top of the factory 1” ORP Lift. True or False:? Adding a 2” (Rough Country) Leveling Kit to the factory Off-Road Package, will make the 2019 Big Horn/Lone Star - exactly Level? No Rake visible...? Rear end doesn’t sag? (Rear...