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  1. P

    Tailgate opened while driving

    Just recently completed a 6 week, 7,500 mile cross country journey with my '19 1500 Laramie. During the trip, the tailgate opened twice while I was driving with no warning light showing on the instrument cluster. Fortunately, the first time, nothing was lost and I assumed I had not closed it...
  2. obrien

    How much weight can closed tailgate support?

    Hi, I could not find it in manual nor here -> does anyone know much weight can I "rest" on closed tailgate? Assuming I am hauling something longer than my bed, it will be resting on closed tailgate and I want to make sure I won't overload it. I am asking for traditional tailgate, not...
  3. DaBoone37

    Broken Tailgate Handle Housing

    I went to open my tailgate like a neanderthal using the handle in the tailgate and almost sliced my hand open. (That'll teach me for not using fancy buttons). It appears the plastic housing around the latch handle/button has cracked and pushed outward slightly. Anyone else have this happen? I am...
  4. D

    2021 ram tailgate.

    Hey guys new here and just wanted to know if this is something that will break in or if it’s a problem. I just picked up a 21 Laramie Cummins and the tailgate has a large gap on passenger side and tight gap on driver side. It will not go down when tailgate button is pressed in the truck or on...
  5. R

    Multifunction Tailgate SWLR (Safe Working Load Rating)

    Looking for Safe Working Load Rating of the multifunction tailgate. 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel 5'7'' Box w/o Rambox w/ Multifunction Tailgate Now because of the multifunction set up im sure the load rating is much less then a solid one piece tailgate. I would like to know what kind of weight would it...
  6. R

    BedExtenders with Multifunction TailGate

    I am having quite a hard time finding bed accessories for the 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel 5'7Box w/o Rambox w/ Multifunction TailGate. Because its a regular style box without the rambox, the manifacture changed up how you would think a normal tailgate links up to the box think again. They had to modify...
  7. L

    Tail gate warning

    My 2019 tailgate has failed to open after taking a load of garden soil home. Wanted to give a heads up that the tailgate is not tight enough to prevent dirt and sand from entering and if anything contacts the actuators it will cause them fail. Of course Ram service had no ideas on prevention and...