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wheels and tires

  1. B

    2019 ram 1500 wheels & tire fitment

    Ordered a 3.5” rough country lift. Was hoping to put 35”x12.5” tires on 18x9 wheels with about -12 offset. Curious if anyone on here has a similar setup and if they experienced any rubbing? Also would like to get some opinions on how this setup would do off-roading. Family and I are now...
  2. jfjoaa


    Hi I happened to run across the story on motor trend about the mopar concept Rexrunner. I would like know what these rims are and where I could purchase them. Thanks
  3. L

    TPMS sensors not reading

    I switched my wheels and tires for the winter with another set of wheels and tires that are more aggressive. The wheels are the same as my stock wheels and verified that the year and model truck is the same as mine(2020 Laramie 1500), and they have sensors in them. My truck doesn’t read them...
  4. jan_riefkohl

    BDS 2” Coilover Leveling Kit with 295/70R18

    I’m making this thread since I haven’t seen anyone talking about this kit. The 1664F comes preset to 2” of lift but can reach 2.5” safely, fox recommends not to go above that. They perform perfectly at 2.5” but you might get spring bind at 3”. Heard back from Fox that the full 3” will not cause...
  5. T_Rod25

    Alignment question after leveling kit/wheel and tire install

    I recently had a readylift 2” leveling kit installed along with 285/60/20 open country a/t3’s and some fuel rebel wheels in 20x10 with a -18 offset. The guy who did the install for all of that also handled getting the alignment done with a local tire shop. After receiving the truck everything...
  6. M


    Will 35s fit on my 1500 big horn with just a 2” leveling kit? If not, are 33s a good fit?
  7. Tommymoe5

    ORG Max tire size.. 295/70r18 285/75r18

    Anyone know if you can get the 295/70/18 or even better the 285/75/18 on a stock ORP no Air? I really want to go 34s but also have no interest in doing a level at this point. Wondering what the max tire size I can go with minimal rub?
  8. 2019GRamRebel

    Fuel Rebel 5’s or 6’s. Toyo AT3 Tires.

    After quite a bit of research, come to the conclusion that 18x9 Fuel Rebel’s are the rims my 2019 Ram Rebel needs. Anyone have a set on their Ram? Also thinking about running a 295/75/r18 Toyo AT3 tire. My truck is currently on stock air suspension. Think I need a levelling kit? Anyone have a...
  9. Ram/Tun

    Bilstein 5100 and wheels/tires clearance

    Guys, I would appreciate if you could guide me to right direction. Ordered bilstein adjustable 5100 Ordered: Wheels 20x10 with -18 offset and wrapped in cooper discover at3 xlt's 33"x12.5 Currently has only aftermarket airbags on rear when loading a lot of heavy material, not that often. Here...