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  1. 805myth1

    Lithium Battery Upgrade

    I’m trying to see if anyone has upgraded to a lithium battery under their hood. I’m going to finish my audio system upgrade and I plan to only run an XS Power lithium battery in place of the stock one. I already upgraded my alternator to a 220 amp factory one and with the battery I’m planning to...
  2. J

    Limited Steering Wheel Upgrade on Bighorn

    So as the title says, today I finally received the limited steering wheel with the 'wood' on the top and realized too late that I am missing a piece of the bezel for the 6 clock position of the steering wheel that the stock bighorn wheel doesnt typically have. Now comes the help from you guys...
  3. jlanc20

    VLand Headlight Install

    I just recieved a pair of the Vland headlights and was reading around about wiring up drl into the fuse box. I seen that Vland sends the wrong tap so I ordered the micro 2 fuse taps but havent seen a write up on exactly where to put it. The instructions show a picture but just wanted to make...
  4. D

    Suspension Enhancement to Air Suspension

    2019 Limited 6-4", 5.7 e-Tq, 3.92 e-Locker, 4WD, KO2s at 49-55lbs. Can one effectively upgrade the factory air suspension? Add a Hellwig, or further support the truck for heavier towing (don't want a full discussion going on towing weights, payload, capacities please, been there, done that)...
  5. R

    LED Headlight Upgrade Problems

    Good morning RAM FAM, I recently upgraded my lights to LED (truck did not come with this package) Well when i woke up yesterday i noticed the LED strips on the driver side stay ON even though the truck is completely off and locked. I have tried the following with no luck: 1. Disconnect the...
  6. DonsRam19

    AFe power cold air intake install

    Installed the aFe power Magnum force cold air intake. Sounds amazing and looks great Made a install video to make the process easier. Link below