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steering wheel

  1. G

    2022 Ram 1500 left steering wheel changing controls buttons will not work

    Good morning everyone, While en route to work for the night shift, my 2022 Ram 1500 left steering wheel changing control buttons will not work when using my Spotify while CarPlay is activated. I can not change the song, or the middle button will not work in between. I can use the screen to...
  2. J

    Limited Steering Wheel Upgrade on Bighorn

    So as the title says, today I finally received the limited steering wheel with the 'wood' on the top and realized too late that I am missing a piece of the bezel for the 6 clock position of the steering wheel that the stock bighorn wheel doesnt typically have. Now comes the help from you guys...
  3. L

    Steering wheel leather peeling, dealer says not warranty?

    The leather on one section of my steering wheel is peeling badly, see attached picture. Had it at a dealer today and they said it’s not a warranty item? Truck is still under basic warranty coverage. Has anyone else had this issue and could someone explain why this isn’t a warranty issue?
  4. Lauqnz

    Truck steering to the left

    Picked up a 2021 ram 1500 2 months ago and started to notice the car drifts to the left when im not holding the steering wheel. Does this mean I need a wheel alignment or is it the way they are spec’d for left hand drive vehicles . Tire thread seems even or maybe it’s to early to tell but please...
  5. G

    Steering Wheel Misaligned

    I thought my tire alignment was off, but I just realized my steering wheel points a little to the right when the tires return to center. Is this a tire alignment issue or a steering wheel issue? It's easier to feel than see, but I tried to take a picture of it.
  6. Bsteiner36

    Unable to turn off/adjust seat heat or steering wheel heat.

    So I often do a remote start using the uconnect. The other day I used it and it worked fine. When i got in my truck my seat heat and steering wheel heat were turned on (which is normal). However the buttons to turn them off were greyed out and I was unable to turn them off or changing the...
  7. Fooleo44

    Steering Wheel Leather

    Is anyone else having issues with the durability of the steering wheel leather? I'm on my second steering wheel and the area i rest my hand at (12 o'clock) is disintegrating after only 5000 miles. Do I have toxic hand sweat or something? Our Yukon has held up just fine after 45,000 miles. My...