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service 4wd

  1. J

    4wd actuator connector issue

    All, I have a 2019 ram 1500 5.7 hemi. Recently I have not been able to get it to go into any 4wd modes. I bought a replacement actuator to replace the old one. I disconnected the old one and connected the new one before installing. It went into 4wd modes immediately. I reconnected the old one...
  2. M

    4WD Not Working Properly

    For the last few weeks my 4WD has been acting weird. When I push 4 Auto, 4 High and 4 Low I hear it engage, but the buttons just blink. I drive around a little and can definitely tell I'm in 4 high even though the 2wd light is solid and 4 high is blinking. Every now and then the "Service 4WD"...
  3. Bsteiner36

    ABS, 4WD, Traction control and FCW failure

    Anyone else seeing this issue? I am hoping that it is related to the current recall. These 4 issues started popping up recently without any warning. I didn't notice any issues while driving but I fear something might give out. I saw some post about people having their power steering going...
  4. L

    1500 Limited - Completely dead, out of options.

    Hey all, Picked up new truck 2 days ago. Went out earlier and the truck is completely dead. Have a noco genius boost gb150, did nothing. AAA came, verified it wasn't the battery. Nothing is responding in the truck whatsoever. Was going to have it towed to Ram truck service - tow guy came...
  5. d_THRILL

    4 Wheel Drive (4WD) Not Working

    Anyone have issues switching into 4wd? Today is the first day since buying the truck the opportunity presented itself with snow coming down here in the northeast. However, 4wd would not engage for me. While driving I tried switching into Auto 4WD. After blinking for a few seconds it would fail...