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  1. Guysramrebel

    Rebel VS Warlock

    My buddy just got a 2021 warlock and swears that it compares and competes with my 2021 rebel, personal I understand that the warlock has the rebel appearance but what do y’all think? Are they really that similar?
  2. D

    2022 Rebel GT (adaptive cruise?)

    Hello, I have been working with a dealer in MN on a new build, and he is telling me there is no way to get the adaptive cruise on the 2022 Rebels. This seems odd, since previous years have had it, and previous ‘22 builds he’s done for me have had it (apparently Ram has changed their...
  3. MidwestBeardo

    Finally found a good deal on a Rebal locally and got rid of my sedan as quickly as I could

    New to me 2019 Rebel. Less than 35k miles, all recalls already performed. So happy.
  4. Guysramrebel

    TRX parked next to my rebel.

    What do you guys think about this beast? Never realized the Rebel looked so similar to the TRX. (Of course there are differences)
  5. Guysramrebel

    TRX hood for my 2021 Rebel

    What are y’all opinions? Should I swap my rebel sports hood out for a TRX sports hood?? https://www.vicrez.com/vicrez-trx-style-hood-air-vent-scoop-vz102410-dodge-ram-1500-2019-2020-2021-2020-2023?gclid=CjwKCAjw95yJBhAgEiwAmRrutOZkq94shlTJ77vZpNE9oOSVMfme7_mGeKF5bUWi6_hb4WgvjzAHeRoCY3EQAvD_BwE
  6. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Water Fowler 41 30" Light Bar Brackets

    Britt, aka Water Fowler 41 sent over some measurements for a light bar bracket he designed to install a 30" light bar. We put our spin on it and are going to producing these. We ordered a full sheet from laser cutting. Once we get our laser and powder coat costs locked down, we will have a price...

    2020 Ram Bighorn wanting to put 2020 Rebel factory black textured fender flares on my Bighorn Possible?

    I am wanting to put the low profile textured black fender flares that Rebels have factory onto my 2020 Bighorn 1500 Do they direct swap on or is there mods needed? anyone with info is greatly appreciated see pic for rebel fender flares I'm speaking about
  8. redriderbob

    Ram Officially Announces G/T Package For 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie & Rebel!

    Ram Officially Announces G/T Package For 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie & Rebel! G/T Package Will Also Be Available On Canadian Sport Models... Avid readers of MoparInsiders.com and 5thGenRams.com will remember that back in May, we were the first to announce that the RAM brand was bringing a new G/T...
  9. m_d_p

    2019 and 2021 Ram 1500 5.7L Rebel owner review(s)

    Hi, this site has been pretty useful as a previously prospective, and now owner of 2 Rebels in as many months so thought I'd pay it back and help future owners with a short review/opinion piece. Few up-front notes: 1. Be kind. First time truck owner, first time American brand owner (FCA, i...
  10. J

    1540 payload, what are you towing?

    Looking for campers we can comfortably tow with a 2019 Rebel 3.9 V8 Hemi and air suspension. 1540 payload on the sticker 11k tow rating Family of 4 (kids are under 100lbs combined) East Coast travelers Not heavy packers Would love to hear about what you all are pulling!
  11. Gpenny

    Leveling 2021 Rebel with Air-Suspension

    I've been browsing the forum for inspiration for awhile now but first time posting so hi all & thanks in advance for any feedback on this. Picked up my 2021 Ram Rebel (4x4 w/ Air-Suspension) in December & it's still completely stock but looking to make some minor mods soon & hopefully starting...
  12. I

    Ram rebel grill

    Hi, guys hope y’all have a good memorial weekend. I got a question, I have a 2020 ram 1500 bighorn and want to install a rebel grill. All the aftermarket rebel grills are for the 4th gen 1500s. Do I have to order the grill on Mopar and will it fit on a non rebel truck ? Thanks
  13. redriderbob

    Ram 1500 Will Get A New G/T Package For The 2022 Model Year!

    Ram 1500 Will Get A New G/T Package For The 2022 Model Year! Package Will Be Available On Sport, Rebel, and Laramie Pickups... After two years of ownership, we have loved our time with our 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Sport. We opted for the Laramie Sport as it provided the best street appeal and...
  14. M

    Aftermarket UCA with stock suspension

    I have a 2020 rebel and wondering if anyone has swapped the UCAs but kept stock suspension without air and with no lift? I’m looking to do that and and new wheels and can’t imagine that it wouldn’t work but i would like to confirm if anyone else has done it before.
  15. H

    ‘19 RAM Rebel Light Bar Issues

    Has anyone had any issues when tapping into the fog lights to power a light bar and the light bar illuminating when turning left?
  16. D

    Billet Silver Blacked out RAM badge, stock Silver Skid

    While I'm awaiting my order to arrive I've been salivating over mods and slowly planning out what I'm doing. I skipped the $700 night package for my billet silver rebel as I can replicate the differences for about $200. I'm not planning to black out the skid plate as it matches the billet silver...
  17. Guysramrebel

    Should I do this?

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off saying you’ve heard this before, but I love the ram community and support so much that I have to ask this. So a little less then two months ago I traded my payed off 2015 V6 mustang for a 2021 ram rebel and though I miss the mustang I love the ram rebel...
  18. A

    Rebel vs. Off Road Package

    I'm looking to turn in my 2019 Bighorn lease early for a new truck. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the on/off highway ride between a Laramie with the off road package and a Rebel? My head is spinning between these two trucks. Any insight to help me make a decision? Thanks!
  19. R

    BedExtenders with Multifunction TailGate

    I am having quite a hard time finding bed accessories for the 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel 5'7Box w/o Rambox w/ Multifunction TailGate. Because its a regular style box without the rambox, the manifacture changed up how you would think a normal tailgate links up to the box think again. They had to modify...
  20. Bignick75

    Rough Country 3.5”

    Have any of you guys had or know of any issues running the rough country 3.5 (with replacement struts, not spacers) on the Rebels? I know of issues with using the 1” taller factory bilstein struts in combination with the RC spacers up front, but am wondering if running the kit with the upgraded...