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  1. RandyMarionCDJR

    Rebel OTG Concept may be prepping for market!

    https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1135633_ram-1500-rebel-otg-concept-gets-patented-previews-lifted-truck-with-snorkel-and-winch This is going to be a beast! The design from the patent looks a bit less accessorized however than its OTG concept brother. I would imagine they want the snorkel...
  2. Kay AUXITO

    Did you upgrade your light bulbs with LEDs?

    Hi guys, your 2019-2020 Ram 1500 are LEDs already? Feel free to leave your comments and insights. Through AUXITO's many tests on the LED bulbs, we customized the kit for the 2019-2020 Ram 1500. However, the 2019-2020 Ram 1500 and Classic are not exactly the same size. The following are their...
  3. N

    Brake Moan - 2020 Rebel

    All - much thanks to this forum I was able to find the TSB for brake moan on the 5th gen Ram. I had my dealer perform this about a week ago - and this morning the moan was still there and still as loud as ever! This is getting beyond frustrating (more annoying than anything) and am wondering...
  4. R

    Blind Spot Monitoring System not working

    My Blind Spot Monitoring System suddenly stopped working about a week ago now. Went to start the truck and it came up on the cluster. I can toggle it on/off in vehicle settings, but it comes back up right after I switch to on. I read that someone stated the sensors for it are in the back...
  5. flameredram

    Active Noise Cancelling question

    Hi everyone, Just upgraded my 2020 1500 Sport to a 2022 Rebel and installed a new Flowmaster Super 10 cat-back exhaust identical to the one in the old truck. From the outside the new truck sounds every bit as mean as the old one, from the inside however it is extremely muffled, to the point...
  6. flameredram

    Bought a '22 Rebel

    Just traded in my 2020 RAM 1500 Sport with 40,000km for a brand new 2022 RAM Rebel, also in Flame Red, true to my nickname ;). Only had it for a few hours, but absolutely loving it so far, UConnect 5 is a nice upgrade, and the truck just looks and feels so much more badass :cool:
  7. J

    Rebel Bilstein 3-mode adaptive suspension

    Has anyone else wondered why Ram doesn’t have an upgraded adaptive damping suspension on their trucks like the hellcats do? I can go from a smooth plush ride to an extremely stiff setting with the 3-mode suspension in the hellcat. It’ll make sense to do something like this for a Rebel to get a...
  8. 1.21gigawatts

    Mud Flap-Spat question... not sure of the actual name

    Hey everyone, So I'm curious if Mopaaaahhh (thats how we say it in Boston) -or any aftermarket companies for that matter, make a (bear with me here) "rear wheel well front edge spat." Idk if that is the correct terminology for the mini mud flap at the front end of the rear wheel well... I...
  9. 22Rebel_USCG

    Well, it’s broken:(

    Story time everyone, So I’m in New England, just south of Boston. Yesterday about midday, I decided that I’m going to the gym before the snow gets to bad and I actually have to shovel my truck out. (There’s about a foot in front of my driveway from the plows). So I start the ol’Rebel up for...
  10. Guysramrebel

    Which one is “better”

    If y’all were gonna buy a rebel which interior would you choose?
  11. Guysramrebel

    Ram Rebel interior

    I love all the different types of Rebel interiors, but the all black has really grown on me. Especially when clean. Red and black is nice but damn the all black is classy lol … also matches the outside of the truck perfectly.
  12. R

    Rebel 2.5in Tuff Country Level

    Is anyone using this kit? I like the 2.5 in height and the fact it comes with UCA's. How is the quality?
  13. Unrealcorn

    2019 ram rebel flood no start

    Hello! First time ram owner and first post on this site. I have a 2019 ram rebel 5.7 and the key fob is recognized and goes into the run position but no crank or noise from starter. My mechanic friend said the starter is receiving power but no signal to start. This vehicle was flooded so it has...
  14. A

    Trade Hoods and or Grill?

    Hey, Just bought a Delmonico Red 1500 limited, looking to trade for the same color Rebel hood? Or the black Rebel Grill. If your interested please let me know! I’m in Dallas Texas and open to driving anywhere within 6 hours. I have the chrome grill.
  15. Guysramrebel

    12 inch unconnect question

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my 8.4 inch nav screen to a 12.1 inch screen from infotainment.com everything works great but I have been battling uconnect to stop sending me updates for the 8.4 screen and to switch it to the 12.1 updates. Uconnect says only my dealer can do it and guess what the...
  16. I

    Ram Rebel Tailgate Part number

    68394475AE Can anyone confirm this is the part number for the Rebel tailgate that has the holes for the RAM letters ?
  17. Guysramrebel

    Rebel VS Warlock

    My buddy just got a 2021 warlock and swears that it compares and competes with my 2021 rebel, personal I understand that the warlock has the rebel appearance but what do y’all think? Are they really that similar?
  18. D

    2022 Rebel GT (adaptive cruise?)

    Hello, I have been working with a dealer in MN on a new build, and he is telling me there is no way to get the adaptive cruise on the 2022 Rebels. This seems odd, since previous years have had it, and previous ‘22 builds he’s done for me have had it (apparently Ram has changed their...
  19. MidwestBeardo

    Finally found a good deal on a Rebal locally and got rid of my sedan as quickly as I could

    New to me 2019 Rebel. Less than 35k miles, all recalls already performed. So happy.
  20. Guysramrebel

    TRX parked next to my rebel.

    What do you guys think about this beast? Never realized the Rebel looked so similar to the TRX. (Of course there are differences)