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  1. C

    Water sloshing behind firewall

    A quick statement of the problem: After leaving my truck, sit for a bit (typically rain around here), I can hear a LARGE amount of water sloshing in my DASHBOARD area when turning. When my heat is on, if I turn left, the water seems to be dousing the heater core, immediately dropping the climate...
  2. S


    Welcome to the thread! Here I’ll be posting updates and taking suggestions for my ”Poor Man’s Rebel” build project. Keep reading for a description of the project and a full list of completed and planned mods. All advice is welcome so if you have any thoughts, please share them! I got my brand...
  3. Kallig

    TRX AUX Switches

    Now that all these videos of the new TRX are coming out, I noticed that it will have the Aux Switches for lights and such down by the Parking sensor switches etc. As an owner of a 2019 Rebel, I wonder if that will be available to buy and add to our trucks? Has anyone else noticed that or had...
  4. M

    RamBar on 1500 Rebel?

    Are the beds for the 1500 and 2500 the same? I'm assuming yes, I love the looks of them and want one for my Rebel.
  5. firemedic3404

    Any bumper updates???

    So now that some time has gone by, I was wondering if anyone has bitten the bullet and bought an aftermarket bumper for their rebel. I've searched and all of the threads seem to be outdated. I've checked around online and most sites still say that their bumpers won't fit Rebels. Please post pics...
  6. PROJO

    3.5” Readylift (customizing) 2019-20 Ram Rebel

    I’m currently running part of the 3.5” Readylift on my ram rebel - has the top strut spacer, rear spacers, and upper control arms. took off the preloaded spacer, to get the smooth ride back - Would you guys recommend the 2.5” motofab spacer or 3” spacer, to get rid of the non leveled looK...
  7. D

    2020 Rebel fuel economy

    Hey everyone. I’m new to this site, and just bought my first Ram with the 5.7 a few months ago, and have over 8000 km on it. I’m not sure if this has already been asked before, but I wanted to ask what other owners have been getting for gas mileage with their trucks? Currently I average around...
  8. D

    New Rebel Owner - First Truck

    Hello! From Central FL Area! 2020 Ram Rebel 4WD Granite Crystal Metallic
  9. S

    ICON vehicle dynamics

    Just curious if anyone has used these coil overs on a Rebel yet. I might buy these because I only want 3/4'' to 1'' of lift. On the Rebel they say it lifts the front 3/4''. They are pricey but Im assuming they are a quality product...
  10. E

    37s on ram rebel

    Haven’t seen much for people with 37s on the new rams so here’s mine. Started with a level and 33X12.5s.. hated the look so I went 6 inch bds lift with 35s. Got full length king coil overs for the front. But still didn’t look right. I think I read somewhere that they increased the waist line on...
  11. R

    [Official Bright White Clear Thread] Let's see those Bright White trucks!

    I noticed we have a thread for Ivory Tri-Coat, but none for Bright White. Now, many Bright White trucks are being posted in there, but they are not the same color. So, if you have a Bright White truck, come show it off in here. Let us know what mods you've done, if you're so inclined. I'll post...
  12. R

    Who else went from coupe / sedan to truck?

    Anyone else make the jump from car to truck with their purchase? I traded in a 2017 BMW 430i Gran Coupe M Sport for my Rebel yesterday, and man, I'm going to need to adjust! I had a Sierra SLT crew before the BMW, but this feels even bigger somehow. And it's not a complaint, I'm just amazed at...
  13. S

    Rebel vs. Off Road Package vs. DIY

    Hello everyone, I’m super new to the forum and so far I’m really enjoying all of the content. I’m seriously looking at upgrading my current truck to a Ram. After scrolling through and seeing some of the great builds/mods that have been done on here, it got me thinking..... What made you...
  14. Roaminglost

    10k Miles, Thoughts and Why I Chose the 2020 RAM 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel

    Figured this would be a good place to share this.
  15. R

    Wrangler TO REBEL

    Hello, I just traded in my 2 door JL wrangler for a 2020 RAM Rebel. I Looking forward to becoming a member of this community and to start a mild daily driver build. I’m from Boston.
  16. fitKore

    Real Brand New

    Hey crew! My Euro wife and I are first time truck owners and decided to splurge a little and get a 2019 Rebel while we live here in the desert! We have a European Doberman Pinscher and the space in the back, with the fold up seats, is more than ideal for him to hang out and hang his head out...
  17. R

    Front License Plate Holder

    The weakest part of our trucks: the front license plate holder. I've now knocked off 3 of them while off-roading in two different Rebels (2x on mine, once on a rental). They catch and rip off so easily - on a truck that is built to off-road with a beefy skid plate, you'd think RAM would put on a...
  18. awesmdiver

    Dodge for 10 years, Tundra for 13 and finally new Ram 1500 Rebel

    Figured after 13 years it was time to turn in the Tundra and since Toyota decided to wait another 2 years for a refresh, I got the Rebel EcoDiesel. I was going to wait till the 2021 models; i.e. next year, but figured 0% I'll borrow their money. Now to figure out what to do with it. As...
  19. redriderbob

    Dealers Are Being Notified About Their Ram TRX Allocations:

    Dealers Are Being Notified About Their Ram TRX Allocations: You Will Be Able To Put One In Your Driveway Soon... https://5thgenrams.com/dealers-are-being-notified-about-their-ram-trx-allocations/
  20. Ride2little

    New Rebel

    Last week I picked up a new to me 2019 Rebel. It's pretty decked out. Got it at auction w/ only 1400 miles. I live in Nashville, and it was bought then sold in PA. I had it shipped down. It had two modifications. So I know it was purchased by an enthusiast. 1) the PO had removed the muffler...