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  1. J

    Out of warranty on 2020 limited - leather dash coming loose at seams and bubble up

    Has anyone found an economical way to address this? I have been advised by the dealer that this is a couple thousand dollar project.
  2. J

    Out of warranty with leaking rear window on 2020 limited

    I am having the same issue in my 2020 limited that a number of people in this forum have stated. This truck has the panoramic sunroof. Several months ago, I started to notice an a great deal of condensation forming on the windows after overnight parking and while driving during various weather...
  3. L

    Major Coolant Leak

    2021 1500 Longhorn with 26,000 miles. Pulled into the parking garage of Disney Springs in Orlando today and found it dumping coolant. Looks like a major radiator leak or possibly some other coolant component. Hoses look good and intact. Pretty disappointed that this happened on a two-year old...
  4. D

    Instrument cluster/12” Uconnect lighting up randomly

    Checking to see if anyone has had same issue apparently I’m getting now. Wife was telling me when she looked out the 2nd floor window my dash lights and infotainment screen were lite up, I was like great something else going on; when I went out to check it out it was doing it for me. My first...