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Out of warranty on 2020 limited - leather dash coming loose at seams and bubble up


Mar 18, 2023
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Has anyone found an economical way to address this? I have been advised by the dealer that this is a couple thousand dollar project.

SD Rebel

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Jun 29, 2019
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San Diego, CA
Check your local auto upholstery shops. They can usually repair stuff like that at a lower price point. Sometimes can re-glue it back on or do spot repairs. Whereas the only way a dealership can fix is a complete replacement at MSRP parts and labor rates.

However, as the owner previous and current European cars with leather dashes, that puckering of the material is common. Leather simply shrinks, sometimes more than others. Actually pretty happy my Rebel has vinyl dash instead.

Also remember auto upholster shops are like PDR shops, some are better than others, make sure you get a few opinions/quotes. I would check your local yelp and see who has the most and highest reviews.


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Oct 31, 2022
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Send a message to Ram Cares. They have been helping out with these. There is a large thread on this already.
Couldn't agree more. I got my ram used and it had the issue, and they replaced it as part of the stipulation for purchase, but I also had the rear window crack/leak issue happen and ram cares got it sorted for a small fee (< 200$ but ultimately free). Just make sure you have the dealer take a look at it first (sounds like you already have it documented) and that it's been within the last month that you did this, and then reach out to ram cares. See what they can do. Might be surprised. I've read others get a one time courtesy after warranty replacement when using ramcares.

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