1. J

    KZT Status

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and posting for the first time due to frustration. I ordered 3 Ram trucks for business (Limited, Laramie & Bighorn) through a friend who is a salesman in Greenville SC. The trucks are 2021's and were ordered on 7/27. They all have Ramboxes and the salesman...
  2. peeceejay

    BakFlip MX4 install with Rambox

    2020 Laramie with the Rambox and bed package, including the chrome rails and movable tie downs - I wanted a hard, tri-fold cover and ended up with the MX4 from Bakflip. I ordered it direct, and it arrived within a week, after a slight Fedex delay. Install was simple - although the instructions...
  3. R

    Topper / shell with RAM boxes?

    I know it’s been done. Seen the photos and a couple quick videos of guys using the TopperLift system to make a cap work with the RAM boxes. But I wanna see a detailed write up of the modifications that need to be made before I start purchasing parts. Anyone?
  4. Texas Truck

    Installed Bedrug for Multifunction Tailgate w/ Rambox too

    Like many other on this forum I wanted a full bedbug for my Limited w/ Rambox. I also had the (almost) impossible MF tailgate. Finally got it installed today. Let me know what you think.
  5. cipherbreak

    RamBox warped and misaligned

    I don’t know what happened to the other thread regarding this issue. It seems to have been deleted. As many others have experienced, my RamBox lids are warping up on the edges and misaligned with the body. I took my truck to the dealership today and they weren’t excited about having to deal...
  6. CoachLarry

    RamBox Lights

    OK stupid question I know, but I could sear I saw somewhere that the lights in the RamBoxes come on when you open them and off when you shut them off, is this true? I know I can toggle the lights on and off with the yellow button when they are open, I just want to make sure they are turning off...
  7. thabiiighomie

    Storing Ryobi Batteries inside the RamBins?

    I know extreme hot and cold weather diminishes the lifespan of rechargeable batteries, but it just makes practical sense to store at least 2-3 in my work truck any given day of the week I am out on the job. I have RamBoxes, but it just dawned on me that I have RamBins in the cabin that are...
  8. J

    Rambox Divider Part #?

    I just picked up my new Limited on Thursday and I absolutely love the truck. After some drama (they sold the truck I was test driving and another we wanted) we picked out the one we wanted but it didn't have the Rambox Bed Divider which I really wanted so they agreed to give me one. They ordered...
  9. B

    4th Gen 2500/3500 SRW with RamBox - Dimensions

    I just bought a brand new 5th gen 3500 SRW 6.4L Laramie with 6'4" Rambox bed, trading in my 2013 1500 Laramie with the 5'7" bed and ramboxes. Can any of you with a 4th gen 2500/3500 and ramboxes post your dimensions of the bed? Most of the threads and google searches I have found are for the...
  10. M

    Rambox comes with?

    Hey all, I just got my 2019 ram with Rambox (my first new vehicle) and was wondering if it comes with the bed divider. I saw some articles that said it did and some said you have to get the BUG in order to get the divider. I test drove a Rebel that had had Rambox and no BUG but it had a bed...
  11. R

    RAMBOX utility rail problem - bad color

    OK, my OCD is kicking in! Does anyone have a 5.7 bed RAMBOX with the BUG and has utility rail that is not silver colored? I have a blackout edition Bighorn with the Rambox and the BUG, which includes the utility rails, but they are silver, and not black! It sure sticks out like a sore thumb...
  12. Marusho

    Cargo Rails with Rambox - $93.57

    I assembled these 4 rails to provide support for a cover to keep snow out of the bed. They may come in handy for carrying things too. Directions below. The only tools needed are a socket wrench and a vise. This project can be done for $83.92 rather than the $93.57 I paid. I purchased 2 sets...
  13. dubasteins

    Poll: Which Bed for New Laramie (RamBox or Not)?

    So I'm getting ready to place an order for a 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie with all the bells and whistles. I previously had a truck with a crew cab and a 6.5' box, which I think looks more balanced and also allows for moving/hauling larger items. I'm torn between getting the new Ram with a crew cab...
  14. dubasteins

    RamBox on 6'4" Bed

    Hello all! I'm looking to order my first Ram and wanted to find out if the RamBox will be available on a 6'4" bed. Different dealers around me seem to have different information or opinions. Does anyone know definitively? Thanks!