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parking sensor

  1. Hb_woodworx

    Parking sensors

    The other day I rear ended someone, and destroyed my bumper. After the accident I got the front parking sensors unavailable and need service. My rear sensors were working but this week, I don't get the message anymore for front sensors unavailable/need service and my rear sensors stopped...
  2. 31RamIt

    Bull Bar / Brush Guard w/ Parking Sensor Mounts

    Does anyone know of a bull bar that doesn't block the front parking sensors or has mounts for them? My wife agreed that she likes the Rough Country LED Bull Bar but I think it blocks the sensors. Any suggestions would be great!
  3. Tesla

    Front Parksense Unavailable - Service Required.

    My truck has said front parksense unavailable, service required since the beginning of the year. No sensors seem to be damaged or any wires that im seeing unplugged. Any ideas?
  4. jjk

    Park assist service required. (Sensors themselves confirmed good!)

    Hi all, I could use some help troubleshooting a park assist issue. 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie (Sport Appearance Package) V8 Gas only My rear park assist is showing service required. I have used my cell phone to record each of the 6 sensors on the bumper and found one (right of license plate) that...
  5. J

    Parking Sensors Continuous Alert

    Went to drive my truck this morning and had the front left parking sensor alerting me that something was there. It wouldn't stop even when driving down the street. The only way it would stop is if I turned the front sensors off. I know I could leave them off to avoid the constant alert but I...
  6. T

    Push Bar?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, after recently picking up a 19 Bighorn. I was hoping to find a push bar for the DT that allows to keep factory tow hooks and doesn't interfere with the parking sensors (something Bull Bars seem to have an issue with). I couldn't find a post on here regarding this...