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park assist

  1. R

    Front Parking Sensors?

    Hey guys, New to the ram scene with my new to me 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie Level 2 Night Edition in Diamond Black Crystal. Had a service front parking sensor come on, then went to the dealer and they told me sensor 1 short to ground is the code that pops up. Hoping it’s an easy fix with one sensor...
  2. peek

    Active Park Assist hit another vehicle

    Hey dudes, a week ago my 2022 RAM 1500 decided to hit another vehicle while using the active park assist. I used it many times before without any issues, this time the RAM reversed into the parking space so fast that neither the emergency brake assistant nor I could intervene. The emergency...
  3. TheLegend

    Park Assist/Semi-Auto Park

    I was curious what people are using to coat the new park assist sensors (if you have done the upgrade) to match the other sensors. I bought some of this and wanted to try it out today or tomorrow if I have time. If anyone has used this how did they like it or any issues afterwards with sensors...
  4. TheLegend

    Park Assist Switch 2022 1500 Laramie 12” 5C

    I am looking for good part numbers on the park assist switch I found one for the top of the 12” screen but it’s very expensive ($700+). Are there any alternatives such as the lower switches with (Traction Control, Tow/Haul, Rear Sensors, Front Sensors, and the fifth switch being the Park...
  5. jjk

    Park assist service required. (Sensors themselves confirmed good!)

    Hi all, I could use some help troubleshooting a park assist issue. 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie (Sport Appearance Package) V8 Gas only My rear park assist is showing service required. I have used my cell phone to record each of the 6 sensors on the bumper and found one (right of license plate) that...
  6. Mhneuds

    Park Assist Issues with 3.5" x 2" lift and 35" x 12" Tires

    I just got my 2019 Ram 1500 back from the shop and I added the Ready Lift 3.5" x 2" lift along with BF Goodrich 35" x 12", and 20" Fuel Assault Rims. The car looks awesome, but I am having issues with the parallel and perpendicular park assist. Has anyone else had this issue? If so have you...