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light bar

  1. VICE design

    HOW To: Wire in a Lightbar or Aftermarket Offroad Lights to Switches

    One common problem we run into when installing aftermarket lights is that they always come with universal switch harnesses that require you to drill holes in your dash. I hate doing that. Here's a video I put together on how we work around that to cleanly control lights and accessories in your...
  2. Shifts And Grins Fab

    5th Gen Ram 1500 Accessories Update

    We have materials for our 5th Gen Ram 1500 Rear Tow Hook Brackets back in stock. Currently we are looking at 3 business day lead time for bare steel and 3 week lead time for powder coated. We are working on getting ahead on these and having both bare steel and powder coated versions in stock and...
  3. Shifts And Grins Fab

    New Product Releases for Rams

    It's been a busy month here at Shifts and Grins Fabrication. We released our 5th Gen Ram 1500 30" light bar brackets thanks to @Waterfowler41 . We released 4th gen Ram 1500 rear tow hook brackets and have shipped the first wave out. We have been able to keep some 5th Gen Rear tow hook brackets...
  4. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Water Fowler 41 30" Light Bar Brackets

    Britt, aka Water Fowler 41 sent over some measurements for a light bar bracket he designed to install a 30" light bar. We put our spin on it and are going to producing these. We ordered a full sheet from laser cutting. Once we get our laser and powder coat costs locked down, we will have a price...
  5. O

    ‘19 RAM Rebel Light Bar Issues

    Has anyone had any issues when tapping into the fog lights to power a light bar and the light bar illuminating when turning left?
  6. 2019GRamRebel

    Wireless Light Control Panels

    Looking in the market for a Light Control Panel that is controlled wirelessly. Looking to run a LED light bar in the grill and maybe some rear lights. Don't need more than 4 channels. What do you guys have?
  7. chino

    Light bar Power Wire

    Hi all, I installed a RC 20 inch light bar inside the bottom grille, install went great and simple, now the wiring harness is somewhat of an issue, the instructions tell you to hook it up to the + and - side of the battery, but i do not want constant power being drawn, the switch turns it off...