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led light bar

  1. VICE design

    HOW To: Wire in a Lightbar or Aftermarket Offroad Lights to Switches

    One common problem we run into when installing aftermarket lights is that they always come with universal switch harnesses that require you to drill holes in your dash. I hate doing that. Here's a video I put together on how we work around that to cleanly control lights and accessories in your...

    Lasfit LED Light Bars - High-Quality Combo Lense Light Bar For Your Budget

    It is our goal as a company to constantly redefine the quality and service standards of the lighting industry and continually offer our customers the most premium lights you can buy with the same budget. We pursued the same aim with off-road lights. In this thread, we will give a detailed...
  3. TheLegend

    Best LED Light Bar with White/Amber DRL

    I have been trying to look around to decide what may be the best option looking to do either the 30” Light Bar with Shift & Grins brackets using the Diode Dynamics or 40” Light Bar (Single) with M&R brackets (does anyone know what light bars they use I can’t find anything on them)? I know quit a...
  4. TheLegend

    Best Wireless Accessory Control System (All Opinions Welcome)

    Hello all! I am looking for what you all think are some of the better wireless control systems out in the market right now. I am wanting to install some light bars, reverse lights, front bumper tow hook lights, ect.. and wanted to know what people are using/would recommend. I personally would...
  5. L

    Rough Country Light Kits

    Curious if anyone has either of these on their trucks and what they think about them. https://www.roughcountry.com/ram-led-grille-kit-70783c.html?&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs-O9woLi7wIVrP3jBx3A_AaKEAQYASABEgKeg_D_BwE#280=535 https://www.roughcountry.com/ram-led-bumper-kit-70779c.html#280=535
  6. PP_McPooperson

    Roof Mounted LED Light Bar Install - Ram Rebel 2019 5th gen

    Hey everybody, I wanted to throw together a quick post of my roof mounted LED bar install. Upon researching the internet for help on this subject I was coming up empty so I figured since I just did it, i'll spread the wealth of knowledge! I have previously installed a Rhino Rack Pioneer...
  7. N

    OPT 7 led bar ??? Redline

    Anyone install one of these ? I want to buy one but I’m somewhat confused on the wiring / splicing . I’m aware of buying a separate 7 pin wiring harness . Let me know if you guys have installed one !
  8. K

    40inc RC curved LED light bar

    Question. I ordered a rough country 40inch curved light bar for my 19 bighorn. Has anyone mounted on front bumper? I’m worried the bumper doesn’t come out enough for stable mount. Also I dont wat to wire straight to battery but have it only come on when the truck is on. Any suggestions or guidance?