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  1. 1500Bear

    5th Gen fuel door

    Has anyone else had issues with their fuel door catching / securing properly? I'm referring to the press-to-open, press-to-close body-paint-matched swing door that covers the fuel port for gasoline model trucks (1500 V8 Big Horn in my case). It pops open 100% of the time as expected, but it can...
  2. K

    BSM, power folding heated tow mirrors

    This is probably in a forum somewhere, I am wondering if I can add BSM ( blind spot monitoring) and heated power folding mirrors to my truck. I have a 2019 Bighorn with the LED appearance package and trailer tow group but it has non powered, non heated tow mirrors. I am not sure if I can just...
  3. K

    Trailer Tow Group package

    Hey everyone, I just recently bought a 2019 RAM 1500. The truck has the level 2 equipment group and North Edition which both come with heated mirrors, but it also has Trailer Tow Group which I understand gives you Tow mirrors and takes away powerfold. I look online at the description of that...
  4. P

    Running boards for 2022 Rams

    I just got my 2022 1500. It's a crew cab Laramie with a 5'7'' bed. I want to add some running boards. A lot of websites like realtruck or runningboardwarehouse have options to Filter running boards specific to your trim or model. It looks like many parts aren't updated yet on these sites to...
  5. E

    Running Boards - Anyone Selling theirs?

    Not sure if im in the right section but I was hoping someone can help me. Im looking for factory black running boards. Im located in the Houston area. Thanks in advance!
  6. N


    I do not own a test light to check for power . Anybody know which wire coloring is pos/neg?
  7. R

    Tow mirrors

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2020 1500 big horn with power folding and heated mirrors. I have heated tow mirrors from my previous truck(2017 1500 big horn) and was wondering if the tow mirrors would fit/work on the new truck? Thanks for the help!!
  8. Hdauceda157

    Bumper bolt pattern

    Just out of curiosity, does anybody know if the bolt pattern from older years match the 5th gen? Asking for the front bumper, because after watching a couple videos it looks like the same mount location/pattern, but obviously that doesn’t mean it is
  9. BattleRam

    Exterior mods (Fender flares, Decals, Wheels, Lifts, etc)

    Hi everyone, Just bought myself a 2019 Tradesman in white with chrome bumpers/grill/badging. Personally i'm looking at ways to add function and a more aggressive look to my ram, and I figured lots of people in this forum are looking to do the same. So Share anything you've done to your 5th gens...
  10. EJanx07

    True or False: 2” Leveling Kit, w/ ORP?

    I see conflicting answers when it comes to a 2” Level Kit, added on top of the factory 1” ORP Lift. True or False:? Adding a 2” (Rough Country) Leveling Kit to the factory Off-Road Package, will make the 2019 Big Horn/Lone Star - exactly Level? No Rake visible...? Rear end doesn’t sag? (Rear...
  11. T

    Damaged XM Shark Fin Antenna on 2019 1500 - Tips on Replacing?

    New 1500 owner here that learned the hard way the XM shark fin antenna is about 3" higher than the roofline. Drove under a carport and completely crushed the antenna and snapped it off the vehicle. I purchased the new OEM part for about $100 and now looking for any insight on here as to the...