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  1. Whitey

    2023 Ram Limited Widget

    My 2023 Ram 1500 Limited has widgets you can have displayed on the center screen. Recently I have noticed that there is one called "gauges" which these also show in the EVIC display if wanted. The issue is that none of the gauges work in the widget display of the center screen. Just wondering if...
  2. D

    Dashboard and Entertainment Display

    Hey all, I've got a 2020 Ram 1500 with the Lonestar package. It's got the smaller screen and bench seat up front. I eventually want to change the display screen (if possible). I've been looking online and either am not searching the right terms or nothing fits. Not sure if this is something that...
  3. S

    Strange Occurrences - 19' Rebel

    So, I'm recently new here on the forums and I've been having troubling things happening regarding my 8.4 Inch display. It's first started out with the display going completely black, like 30 seconds or so after just starting my truck, however music was still playing. Tried screen power...
  4. D

    12” screen issues

    Anybody else having this screen issue where it goes completely black for no apparent reason? It wasn’t even that dark yet. I was thinking it was going into dark mode, but the screen actually went off. I didn’t shut it off. It turned off on its own. I’m really disappointed in the fact that you...