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boral atak

  1. Tatanka_ram

    hello from Australia

    howdy all, my name is Kaze i am currently living in Perth western Australia, i am originally from Hollister North Carolina, and have relocated for work since 2001. this is my 2021 limited 1500 ram, imported and converted here in Australia, the American truck scene has taken off here and...
  2. Derek Dredger

    Borla Atak Exhaust Noise - 2019 Ram (Rebel) 1500

    Hi'Yall, Installed a Borla Atak on my 2019 Rebel today. Bloody hell its loud! I guess I am so usto stock that it seems overwhelming. After a few hours driving you get usto it and I do love it. However, what I would really like is to NOT hear the exhaust whilst cruising at 70-80mph - around...