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  1. Mcallowa

    Surround Sound Volume

    Have a 2019 with alpine. Recently the speakers started blaring an extreme volume level only while on surround sound setting. With the volume at 1, it sounds maxed out with feedback hitting the speakers as well. With surround sound turned off, the speakers/volume function at normal levels. Any...
  2. T

    Uconnect not automatically playing from bluetooth, changing audio source

    This issue just began in the past week, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers. In every other bluetooth enabled vehicle I've ever been inside of, when you turn it on it just goes back to your bluetooth or whatever was on last as your source. My truck has recently began turning to FM or XM radio...
  3. D

    Fox Acoustics Box

    I have a 2012 ram 1500 crew cab and I am looking for someone that has a fox acoustics box they are selling because the company recently had a fire and they are gonna be set back for a few months on any orders.
  4. Chaos78

    Newbie to the group! 2020 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Cummins

    So far have only done a few modifications to my truck: S&B CAI, Roll-N-Lock BT488A, Rough Country Steering Box Stabilizer, Boost Auto Switch Backs, Xpel film, Xpel tint and Banks Pedal Monster. Next is a sound system upgrade. Adding two Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 speakers, in a Fox Acoustics Ram...
  5. N

    Want to Upgrade Harman Kardon System Bass Easiest Way?

    I Want to Upgrade the Harman Kardon System subwoofer bass the easiest way possible to at least get a moderate noticeable improvement? I just got my truck I really like the HK system I just wish there was a little more bass in the system more like my factory challenger HK system had. Maybe Simply...
  6. K

    Audio not working

    So I can connect my iPhone XR to the Uconnect and I can play Spotify, and google maps and my phone calls. But when I play a video on FB, or YouTube, or Snapchat, there is no audio, I just bought this truck 3 days ago and can’t seem to find any help
  7. Snowman122

    Subwoofer box that is a game changer!!

    I recently bought this subwoofer box online. I'm skeptical about buying stuff like this online because what if I don't like it, but man let me tell you it was the best investment I made to my crappy 6 speaker setup. I got a ported box for 2 10 inch woofers and I decided to go with some jl audio...